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The Glen Ivy Farm-to-Table Food Philosophy

We believe in keeping our dishes fresh, clean and Californian. Our farm-to-table philosophy means that we source organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.

Fruit for your orange and grapefruit juices – not to mention the avocados – are harvested from trees growing on our property. If we’re running low, we hurry off to the orchards to pick some more.

Ivy Kitchen

We’re very proud of our new look and feel Ivy Kitchen, our main restaurant. And delighted that our new chef, Chris Hartman, continues to add a nourishing upgrade to your Glen Ivy favorites.


GOCO Café is where we share our passion for fresh and healthy food. To help you feel at home, we proudly serve Starbucks! Grab a wholesome snack with your favorite coffee. Why not be kind to your family and friends and take one to them on your way home? What better way to start or end your day at Glen Ivy!

Our GOCO Café wellness hub blends contemporary decor with friendly baristas and the best ingredients (local organic chicken breast, fruit from the farmers’ market even our very own oranges, avocados, lemons, persimmons and grapefruits).

This is the place for a quick salad, sandwich, baked goods or raw cup – and delicious desserts that are low on sugar and high on taste.


Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is our juice, smoothie and frozen yogurt station. Here we’re blending a whole range of organic fruit and vegetable drinks and rich, delicious smoothies. And don’t forget the frozen yogurt sundaes. Fresh Berry Chill, anyone?

The Lounge 1860

This is our cosmopolitan bar under the stars! We’ve dedicated a special, shaded area, with chic seating, even a chandelier, (and heating in winter) as a new, all-day place for cocktails, wine, beer . . . whatever you fancy!

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