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Glen Ivy Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Glen Ivy will be decorated with Pink Ribbons! Throughout the month of October, as an additional step to your wellness and health, you can find breast cancer self-examination cards in showers.

Join us in honoring those who have had or have breast cancer on Breast Cancer Awareness Day, October 16th! On this day, Glen Ivy will give free admission to survivors or those currently battling breast cancer when they book an oncology treatment. Certain massages and treatments will be geared towards breast cancer survivors and patients, such as the oncology massage which you can find more information below:

Oncology Massage Benefits

Our Oncology Massage provides an in-depth consultation with an Oncology Certified Therapist, as well as a massage or skincare treatment customized to the individual needs of the oncology patient to accommodate any position, pressure or treatment site considerations. Our therapists have been extensively trained on clinically established guidelines to provide safe and effective techniques to accommodate the changing needs of any past or present oncology patient.  50 minutes $100.

What is an Oncology Massage?
A massage that is modified to the signs, symptoms and complications of cancer.

Can massage spread cancer?
Metastasis is a complex, biochemical process that is orchestrated by genetic mutations. Generally, the changes are the result of mutations in the cells’ DNA.  It is not a mechanical process increased by exercise or massage.  Cancer cells spread by DNA repeat code error.

Who needs Oncology Massage?
Anyone in, or with a history of, cancer treatment.

Oncology Massage absolute contraindications.

  • No deep tissue massage.
  • No massage over site of tumor
  • Essential Oils will not be used during the massage

Can a guest receive an Oncology Massage if they have damaged lymph nodes or if their lymph nodes have been removed?
A guest can receive an Oncology Massage in those cases. The guest should discuss it with their service provider to ensure their comfort and safety during their service.

Can a guest receive an Oncology Massage if they have lymphedema?
A guest can receive an Oncology Massage in this case. The guest should discuss it with their service provider to ensure their comfort and safety during their service.


Wellness Classes

Another component to Breast Cancer Awareness Month that focuses on wellness of the body is Qigong, which will be on Thursdays and Saturdays of this month at 1PM. Qigong is similar to Tai Chi and helps balance the body, emotions and mind by oxygenating the blood, promoting relaxation & increasing energy. Kiyomi Kajiyama will be teaching “Qigong and Sound Healing for Women’s Health” this month. This class will be led with moves that support hormone, reproductive organs and breast health.


Dessert and Drink Deal

Watch out for our special deal of the month! We will be selling a glass of wine with 2 chocolate-covered strawberries for only $10! A donation of $2 will be made for every order of this special.

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