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Water Fitness & Hydration Month

Water is one of Glen Ivy’s most important components. From the 19 pools, all filled with healing hot spring water, natural sulfur, or saline (so skin is constantly being pampered) and the aerobic water activities offered daily, to the water stations placed around the grounds so that guests stay hydrated, H2O isn’t something we take lightly! Our selection of classes and activities at Glen Ivy Hot Springs serve as your resource to health, fitness, relaxation and renewal, and together with healing waters from the earth, restorative treatments, healthful cuisine, and a connection with nature, combine to create what is known as “The Glen Ivy Experience.” Our water-based classes provide a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels, while the buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints. Some additional benefits of water exercise include:

  • Increased muscle strength, posture and balance.
  • Enhanced sense of wellbeing, mood and sleep quality.
  • Greater mobility and flexibility of joints.
  • Improved endurance and fitness.
  • Eases stiff joints and relaxes sore muscles.
  • Reduced pain and fatigue.

Our classes include:

Aqua Fit – Glen Ivy’s most famous aqua aerobics class has been a guest favorite for years and is a fun way to get fit in a gentle and supportive environment.

Aqua Zumba® – Fitness with a splash!  Aqua Zumba® is a high-energy, low-impact aquatic exercise class that blends Zumba® philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, for a workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning and most of all, fun!

And don’t forget to stay hydrated! We all know that drinking water is important for good health, so why not jazz up your water with fruit, herbs, and spices? Bring the spa home with you by trying out the below recipes:

Watermelon Basil Water

  • 1 1/2 cups of seedless watermelon, cubed
  • Ten to 12 basil leaves
  • One half gallon of water

Pour water over melon and basil. Refrigerate for two hours and then serve over ice, garnished with a sprig of basil.

Citrus Cucumber Water

  • One large lemon, sliced
  • One large lime, sliced
  • One large orange, sliced
  • One large cucumber, sliced
  • One half gallon of water

Place all fruits and vegetables in a glass pitcher and add water. Allow to infuse for two hours before serving over ice.

Relax, Exfoliate and Re-hydrate in 80 minutes!

If you are looking for the perfect pampering session to help you relax, unwind, feel great and leave your skin feeling silky smooth then the 80 minute body treatment is perfect for you!

If you have never had a body treatment before, then you are truly missing out. The 80 minute body treatment combines the relaxation of a massage with the exfoliation and hydration of your skin to leave you in a peaceful bliss.

First,  your massage therapist will ask you to lay on your stomach and then will being to massage your neck, shoulders and back, while also paying special attention to those areas of concern that you discussed in your pre-massage. After, you are in a state of relaxation from your massage; a scrub is applied to your back, arms, hands, legs and feet. Each limb is worked on one at a time, and the scent of the scrub smells delightful! The gentle yet grainy texture of the scrub feels so good on your skin that you know you will leave feeling silky smooth. The massage therapist uses a warm towel to wipe away the scrub from your body, using a buffing motion to ensure that not a grain of scrub is left behind. After your skin is buffed and smooth, the massage therapist will then apply a creamy, rich, hydrating moisturizer to your skin in a massage motion. Again, on each limb as it is worked on. The scent of the moisturizer will drift you away to a tropical paradise and you will be hoping that the service is not over yet… and it’s not!

Just when you are about to feel like you might have to wake up from your peaceful bliss, your massage therapist will then ask you to turn onto your back. What else could there be you may think? It gets better! The whole scrub and moisturize process is done to the tops of your arms, hands, legs, and back (you may also get your abdomen exfoliated as well if it is to your comfort level). After, each limb has been buffed, polished and moisturized your therapist will then place warm towels on your feet and wrap you up like a cocoon using sheets and blankets. At this point you are so relaxed that the warmth and swaddle of the blankets will help you to remember how nice it must be to be a little tiny baby. While you are relaxing in a swaddle session, your massage therapist will then proceed to massage your scalp, and face using cool stones. When this is over the therapist will then massage your neck and shoulders to work out those last areas of tension that most of us carry due to stress.


When the service is over you will probably not want to move, or blink your eyes, you will want to just fall asleep and not think about anything else other than how amazing your service was. This service is a must have and the ultimate means of pampering. Your skin will feel silky smooth and the scent and feel of the moisturizer will last all day. This is the perfect service for a bride to be, or a special event where you want to look and feel your best. Don’t miss out on this luxurious treatment that’s so much more than just your typical massage.

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