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Upcoming Wellness Workshops

Join us for all of our upcoming Wellness Workshops this year!

February 11 & 13  |  Feed Your Skin
April 14 & 16 
|  Stress & Skin, Immune System Empowerment
May 19 & 21 
|  Creating a More Plant Based Diet
July 14 & 16 
|  The Tranquillity Experience, The Tranquil Mind, Meditation, Connection of Stress to Skin
August 4 & 6 
|  Living in Seasons Harmony
|  Self-Massage: Benefits and How To 



Feed Your Skin

February 11 and 13

Feed Your Skin focuses on discovering they key building blocks to strong and healthy skin: hydration, repair, and protection.

Learn about how antioxidants as well as pre and probiotics work to protect and repair our most important organ of defense: our skin. Explore the best nutritional sources for the internal support your body needs as our superb skin care options for the outside.

All workshops include a 60-minute educational seminar, complimentary gift, a 50-minute Restoring Solution Facial, lunch, and Taking the Waters admission.

All for $225! Please call to book.

Available Febrauary 11 and 13 only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Admission and service must be used on same day visit. Spaces limited. 

Your Instructor

Christine Lee

Christine Lee began her career in the skin care field over 20 years ago at Avalon Salon in Dallas Texas as an esthetician. She offers a multidisciplinary and nurturing approach to her spa therapy as a holistic nutrition counselor, recognizing wellness and its inevitable influence on the health of the skin. Over the years, she has worked with beauty innovators such as Aveda, MD Formulations, Skinceuticals, Dermalogica, and Comfort Zone. Today, Christine is one of the leading skin care experts at Comfort Zone North America, the skin care division of the Davines Group, an internationally renowned beauty brand and Certified B Corporation based in Parma, Italy.