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Meet Chef Sarah Safarian

Chef Sarah Safarian, creator of Humbly Healthy, specializes in health conscious cuisine that increases self-love, balances your inner self and boosts happiness. Her mission is to empower others to make healthier choices, to love themselves and to live positively.

She began her culinary dreams at Ferrandi, the renowned National Culinary School of Art in Paris. She continued her work as an intern at La Guinguette D’Angele, a health conscious restaurant and boutique. From her experience, her knowledge and love for healthy plant-based, vegan food grew.

Sarah went on to create Humbly Healthy, a blog dedicated to her culinary exploration and to motivating others to living a healthier life.



Full Day Course

Start the year off right with a day of healthy cooking and plant-based nutrition tips. Each day includes a 5-hour class with Chef Sarah and a 50-minute massage or facial valued at $100. Admission to the spa is complimentary with the package! Just $199 per class day.

Class #1:  Breakfast Bowls and Sweet Potato Toasts – January 19th, 10:00 am

Learn to make five deliciously colorful and creamy bowls and chia puddings that ensure heart health and long-lasting focus. Then, learn to prepare gluten-free sweet potato toasts as well as “bedazzled” avocado toast. Lecture includes the pillars of Holistic Health including Plant-based proteins, Sugar facts vs. fiction and super foods. Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on preparation.                                               

Class #2: Healthy Snacks and Fast Foods – January 21st, 10:00 am

This class proves that healthy eating can still be delicious, fun, nutritious and non-depriving as you learn to create favorite foods using whole, natural ingredients. Class includes plant-based Mac-n-cheese, Portobello mushroom burger, energy balls and no-bake cookies. Lecture includes Holistic nutrition 101 and digestion 101. Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on preparation.

Class #3: Buddha Bowl Heaven, Dips and 1 Bowl Banana Bread – January 24th, 10:00 am

Learn to make a variety of Buddha bowls, 4 quick and easy dips with baked veggies, banana bread and chocolate peanut butter energy balls. Lecture includes benefits of eating whole natural foods as well as the importance of gut health. Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on preparation.

Please note: Casual attire and closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes) recommended for these full-day classes.

60-minute Classes

Add a Healthy-Cooking Class to your Day!

Workshop #1: 5 Healthy Quick & Go-to Snacks – January 20th, 11:00 am

Includes no bake energy balls, energy bars, no bake cookies, stuffed dates, sweet potato toasts.

Workshop #2: Eat the rainbow – January 20th, 2:00 pm 

Learn to make 7 chia puddings/breakfast bowls for 7 days.

Workshop #3: Raw vegan cake – January 22nd, 11:00 am

Learn to make raw vegan cake.

Workshop #4: Gut health and fermented foods 101 – January 22nd, 2:00 pm

Learn about gut health and the benefits of fermented foods.

Cost: $20 per class (Admission is not included and will be charged separately.)

Call 1-888-GLEN IVY for a reservation now!