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Being green is a way of life at Glen Ivy. We believe that the preservation of our Earth today will bring healthy benefits for all generations tomorrow. As we are “Nature’s Day Spa”, Glen Ivy is naturally a large consumer of environmental resources. Thus, being earth-friendly is a top priority to us.

Some of our “green” efforts include:

  • Using biodegradable cleaning products
  • Separating recyclables
  • The elimination of Styrofoam cups
  • Reducing the usage of plastic cups and encouraging our guests to reuse their cups
  • Using grey water where possible to irrigate our landscaping
  • Investigating the feasibility of solar electrical generation
  • Switching from conventional incandescent light bulbs to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs
  • Using only natural ingredients in our skin and body products

Glen Ivy is a founding member of the Green Spa Network, an organization dedicated to finding ways to bring sustainable operating practices to the spa industry. You are invited to join us in our efforts – please visit the Green Spa Network’s website at www.greenspanetwork.org for more information on being green.

Our Environment

Glen Ivy Hot Springs enjoys the benefit of being situated in what is called an “ecotone,” a place where two adjacent, but very different ecosystems blend together and support a greater number of plant, animal and bird species. In our case, the slopes of the Santa Ana Mountains meet the low California scrub brush and the waters that flow out of Coldwater Canyon come together to create a unique oasis environment that support year-round and migrating species. To see the list of birds seen here at Glen Ivy Hot Springs please take a look at the Birds of Glen Ivy and Temescal Valley.

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