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In addition to the scheduled classes and workshops there are also self-guided activities that allow you to explore at your own leisure and pace such as our Labyrinth located near the Activities Deck. Not to be confused with a maze, our Labyrinth is unicursal – there is one way in and one way out – and it is a great place to take a little time to slow down, tune out the noise and stress of daily life, and find an overall deeper sense of wellbeing. Also take the time to explore the lush botanical gardens, water features and fauna throughout the property.

You may be wondering how walking through a configuration of rocks will create a memorable, meaningful and enjoyable experience, but labyrinths have a long history of doing just that and more. This ancient tradition is fast finding a place of revival in spas worldwide with the calming, centering benefits that it brings. The existence of labyrinths has been seen in many ancient civilizations. The most famous of these is found near Paris, France at the Chartes Cathedral, built circa 1220 AD. Labyrinths grace parks of cities throughout the world. The city of New Orleans has now installed its first permanent labyrinth in Audubon Park as a symbol of hope and renewal in response to the devastation of hurricane Katrina. A labyrinths can often be confused with a maze, but unlike mazes, labyrinths have no dead ends or intersecting paths. When one walks a labyrinth they will always be lead inward to the center and then outward, back to the place where they began. In simple terms—the way in is the way out.


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To walk our labyrinth at the Hot Springs is our way of giving our guests time to follow a path that might allow them the opportunity to soften their mind and let go, allowing a sense of clarity and calm to emerge, creativity and imagination to unfold.

While there are many ways to walk a labyrinth, there is no right or wrong way. It is important to embrace the full experience as a journey.


Walking the path inwardly is symbolic of letting go. The center represents space, peace, connection. The path outwards is metaphor for our relationship with ourselves and others, and how we bring our unique gifts and talents to the world.

Some choose to walk the labyrinth in times of transition or when faced with a significant life question, with the intent of bringing new insights or peace of mind. As one contemplates these questions at hand, a sense of solution or completion is often felt when moving toward the center or “destination” of the labyrinth.

The journey outward you might bring a sense of “knowing” or enlightmenment, and as you emerge so to can the answer. Above all we hope that your journey here brings you closer to the natural beauty of this special place of healing waters, beneath the Santa Ana Mountains and the peace that comes with a quiet mind.

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