Glen Ivy’s Nationally Certified Massage Therapists deliver a traditional, authentic approach that reduces stress, increases circulation and promotes greater well being. Together Massages in a couple’s room are available upon request at no additional charge. At the Hot Springs you can also enjoy an outdoor massage “Under the Oaks,” weather permitting at no extra cost.

Swedish Massage

Perfect for those seeking relaxation, or for first-timers, this traditional massage uses scented massage oil, long flowing strokes with light pressure and a cool stone face massage.

50 minutes $100 80 minutes $160


Stress Reliever Massage

Using a combination of techniques to meet your specific needs, this service includes scented massage oil and a cool stone face massage.

50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $160  

Deep Tissue Massage with Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Oil

Designed to target one or two areas with a focused approach to assist in the relief of severe tension in muscles and connective tissue. The perfect choice for athletes or those who receive body work on a regular basis. The Turquoise Sage Mountain Body Oil is great for easing the pain of injury and other inflammatory conditions. Wild Lavender is soothing, calming and pain relieving while the Sage strengthens resolve and is purifying and uplifting to the spirits.

50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $160 

Healing Herbal Compress Massage

The ancient healing practice of herbal compresses has been used as a method for relieving pain and inflammation for many centuries in Thailand. It is a compliment to any massage. This type of treatment is said to be particularly good for back muscle aches and pains. By applying specific soothing strokes, or by placing on acupressure points on the body, the Thai Herbal Compresses relieve sore muscles, stimulate circulation, as well as increases energy flow that is vital for health.

50 Minutes $115 | 80 minutes $175

Honeycomb Massage and Back Treatment

This harmonizing, anti-inflammatory treatment uses PINO natural Honey Ginger Oil, immune boosting Massage Honey and a propolis-enriched Beeswax Pad which revitalizes stressed skin and creates a relaxing feeling. The body is revitalized with rhythmic massage techniques to relieve muscle tension, unwind tissue and increase microcirculation. With hints of Myofascial massage techniques it’s like a massage and skin treatment in one that leaves skin silky smooth!

50 Minutes $115 | 80 minutes $175

Hot Springs Stone Massage

Smooth stones are heated and then used to impart their warmth, reducing muscle tension and increasing circulation for deep relaxation.

50 minutes $100  (includes the high stress areas of the back of body only).

80 minutes $160  (includes the entire body, penetrates the muscles at a deeper level and melts away muscle pain).


Mom-to-Be Massage

Glen Ivy therapists are specifically trained in pre-natal massage so that moms-to-be may enjoy a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience tailored to their needs, while in a side-lying position.

50 minutes $100 

Please note Mom-To-Be Massage is available only for guests currently in their second and third trimesters (14 weeks or later). Expecting mothers in the first trimester (Week 1 thru Week 13) may receive nail and skincare services up to 50 minutes in length. Please consult your physician if you have questions or concerns.

Service Enhancements

Scrub Additions

Back Scrub $15 | Foot Scrub $15
Does not increase treatment time.

Together Massage

Two people, two therapists, two tables, one room! Share your experience with our side by side massage service; your choice of Swedish or Stress Reliever massage with your favorite person!

(50 or 80 minute Swedish or Stress Reliever massages only). No extra charge, but space is limited. Price depends on massage selection.

Under the Oaks Massage

Private spaces open to the sky, surrounded by the sounds of water falling, covered in comfort beneath the protective canopy of ancient live oak trees. Enjoy Glen Ivy’s world-class massage treatments in this natural ambiance. Space is limited and weather permitting. Together Massage is available Under the Oaks, too!

Please note that Under the Oaks is available seasonally. We are unable to perform the Hot Springs Stone Massage, Mom-to-Be Massage or any of the Specialty Massage Experiences Under the Oaks. Unscented oils are used in Under the Oaks treatments.