Massage and Body Rituals

Pre-book our Total Wellness Package for $158 Monday-Friday and $178 Saturday-Sunday which includes:

  • Taking the Waters Admission
  • 50-minute treatment (your choice of a Massage, Facial or Body Treatment, regularly $100)
  • Grotto Treatment
  • Daily Wellness Classes

(Package is available from February 1, 2017 – July 5, 2017. Blackout dates where this package cannot be used are March 31- April 2, April 7-9, May 12-14, and May 27-29. Cannot be combined with any other offers.)

Please note: Our spa services are reserved especially for you, so we ask you give us notice by 4 PM the day prior to your appointment to reschedule or cancel your services. For additional information please refer to our FAQs.


*Services Below will be effective on March 6, 2017

Tranquillity™ Pro-Sleep

This massage alleviates stress inducing a profound sense of Tranquillity™ and calm.
This immersive treatment experience gently embraces the senses with light touch
utilizing warm nourishing oil, promoting better sleep and jet lag recovery.

50 minutes $115 

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Aromasoul Elements Massage

Escape to another world and journey to distant shores with an invigorating Swedish
massage combined with your choice of essential oils. Experience the fresh uplifting scent
of the Mediterranean or the rich exotic fragrances of the Orient.

50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $160

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Aromasoul Ritual Scrub

This treatment exfoliates and nourishes your skin with essential oil blends, chia seeds, and
shea butter resulting in a radiant glow. Upgrade your experience by choosing an 80
minute treatment which includes a 30 minute Swedish massage.
– Not suitable for sun burned skin –

50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $160

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Marine Mud Massage

This deeply relaxing treatment focuses on the most common areas of stress and tension.
A warm marine mud is applied to the back to detoxify and de-stress. A soothing full
body massage ensures complete relaxation.

50 minutes $115  

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Warm Stone Ritual Massage

A deeply soothing and detoxifying treatment utilizing heated basalt stones and
therapeutic essential oils. This treatment relieves muscle pain and increases the body’s
metabolism while melting away stress.

50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $160

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New Mum Massage

At a time when you need to receive as much care as you are giving, this massage will
improve circulation, reducing swelling in the legs and ankles while nourishing the skin
and nurturing the soul.

50 minutes $100 

Please note Mom-To-Be Massage is available only for guests currently in their second and third trimesters (14 weeks or later). Expecting mothers in the first trimester (Week 1 thru Week 13) may receive nail and skincare services up to 50 minutes in length. Please consult your physician if you have questions or concerns.

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Our signature foot and leg exfoliation can be incorporated within your massage to help
increase circulation and energize tired feet.

Included in service time $15

Together Massage

Two people, two therapists, two tables, one room! Share your experience with our side by side massage service; your choice of Aromasoul Elements Massage, or New Mum Massage, space is limited.

To reserve this experience please call 888-Glen-Ivy (888-453-6489) and one of our Agents will be happy to assist you with planning your day.

Under the Oaks Massage

Private spaces open to the sky, surrounded by the sounds of water falling, covered in comfort beneath the protective canopy of ancient live oak trees. Enjoy Glen Ivy’s world-class massage treatments in this natural ambiance. Space is limited and weather permitting.

To reserve this experience please call 888-Glen-Ivy (888-453-6489) and one of our Agents will be happy to assist you with planning your day.

Please note that Under the Oaks is available seasonally. We are unable to perform the Hot Springs Stone Massage, Mom-to-Be Massage or any of the Specialty Massage Experiences Under the Oaks. Unscented oils are used in Under the Oaks treatments.

Oncology Massage and Skincare

Our Oncology Certified Therapists have been extensively trained on clinically established guidelines to provide safe and effective techniques to accommodate the changing needs of a past or present oncology patient.

This service will provide a consultation with an Oncology Certified Therapist and a massage or skincare treatment will be customized to the individual needs of the oncology patient to accommodate any positioning, pressure or treatment site considerations.

50 Minutes $100

To reserve this experience please call 888-Glen-Ivy (888-453-6489) and one of our Agents will be happy to assist you with planning your day.

*This is a highly specialized service and the availability is limited.  Please call at least 3-weeks prior to book with a Oncology Certified Therapist.