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Meet Marisha Dixon

The RelationSHIFT™ Coach

If anyone can truthfully share about the burdens of burnout, what life feels like to be miserably unfulfilled, stuck with no ideas or energy to move forward and shamefully possessing a belief that they don’t have what it takes to pursue life’s next best steps  – it would certainly be me! All by the age of 25! Yep, my mid-20s life crisis.

But I got through it. And over the last three years, I’ve worked with hundreds of busy professionals teaching them to pause and reboot, mindfully connect with others, spark creative ideas or focus on solutions to challenges that are inevitable at various stages in life.

From educator to entrepreneur Ms. Marisha, The RelationSHIFT Coach, works to teach busy people simple SOULutions to reclaim their peace and passion. She is the author of Crumbling Walls: 33 Moments That Derailed My Happily Ever After. This book of short stories explores hardships she encountered in work, love and life and the lessons learned on her path to healing and happiness.

Feel, Write & Heal

Feel, Write & Heal is an interactive mindfulness and expressive writing experience that employs both Focused Attention and Open Monitoring meditation approaches. Practitioners will engage in each style first-hand using tools from her double-sided interactive workbook: “Crumbling Walls: 33 Moments That Derailed My Happily Ever After” and “How I Built My Temple: 33 Shifts That Mended My Soul.” The workshop goal is to help participants understand the benefits of various mindfulness styles and how to incorporate mindfulness and expressive writing into their self-care routines as a means to improve how they relate to others, promote creativity, focus, and overall mental well-being.


BE MNDFL is more than just a mindfulness session. It’s a bold new take on meditation that helps newbies and experienced meditators alike rise above the mayhem of modern life. Marisha will blend mindfulness techniques – an emphasis on Open Monitoring meditation – with poetic expressions, sample treats  from her new healthy snack line, light body movements, and fragrances from her new organic and cruelty free essential oils collection. This multi-sensory experience helps participants reduce stress naturally, focus on their mind and body sensations and offers practitioners several, simple “SOULutions” to add to their self-care routines at any time.



Feel, Write and Heal – $195 for 90-minute workshop – includes admission and a 50-minute spa treatment valued at $100 (Workshop only $50 but admission is still required)

BE MNDFL – $185 for 60-minute workshop – – includes admission and a 50-minute spa treatment valued at $100 (Workshop only $35 but admission is still required)

Workshops will be experienced in nature under the shade of oak trees in Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ enchanting Secret Garden.


May 20 – 22, 2019

11 a.m. daily – Feel, Write & Heal 90-min workshop

3 p.m. daily – BE MNDFL 60-min workshop


Registration begins May 1. To make a reservation (888) 453-6489. Visit for more information.