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Take Back Your Life!

Wellness is a journey. It is a day-by-day process that some of us often forget about or put aside. Sometimes, our own wellness is overshadowed by others. Not intentionally or unwillingly but just because life happens. Our time is filled with things that we love, and things that just need to get done, but what about you? When is it your time to make your own wellness a priority?

The first step on your wellness journey is that you are taking time for yourself by enjoying a relaxing day at Glen Ivy! When you choose to soothe your mind, body and spirit you have made yourself number one! Great start! Now, you may ask yourself, how can I take this feeling of wellness with me everywhere?

That’s where our Resident Wellness Expert, Meg Root comes in. In her hour long fun and interactive workshop she will help you to drop the struggle and negativity around your health and well-being and learn that “Wellness Feels Good!” You will identify what you want in your life and what your personal wellness goals are. Meg will show you how you can fill your “wellness tank” up and also help you to determine what factors in your life may be responsible for emptying it. Being able to identify these “wellness drains” you can then start to take actions against them and change your wellness dreams into reality.

All of these factors add up to create wellness for your, mind, body and life. Start with simple acts of wellness each day which can bring you to your ultimate wellness goal.

Meg Root

Take back your life – Wellness feels good with Meg Root is offered every Tuesday in the month of January. Check out our Activities to see all of our JoyFitness classes being offered.

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