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Last Chance to Indulge Yourself with our Citrus Grove Pedicure!

Summer is just around the corner and Glen Ivy’s Citrus Grove Pedicure is the perfect way to make sure you’re ready to show off your toes in cute sandals and heels! Begin with a calming Citrus-Cilantro pedi soak followed by a skin smoothing sea salt scrub. Silky and supple, your treatment concludes with a sublime citrus vanilla shea butter application. Your skin will feel smoothed, refreshed and ready for spring!

50 minutes $50 | 80 minutes $80

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This is the last month the Citrus Grove Pedicure will be offered, so give yourself a treat and book yours today!


Good News! We are Now Open for Easter!

Not only is Glen Ivy open on Easter this year, we are offering an exclusive spring package! The
Spring Relax Package includes everything you need for a full day of pampering and relaxation. For only $245, the Spring Relax Package includes:

-Taking the Waters Admission (Valued at $68)
-Daily Wellness Activities that include AquaFit and Yoga
-Your choice of two of the following:

-50 minute massage (valued at $100)
-50 minute facial (valued at $100)
-50 minute body treatment (valued at $100)
**Can upgrade to a Grotto for $20

Get Your Feet Summer Ready with our Citrus Grove Pedicure!

Summer is around the corner; Glen Ivy can make sure you all are ready for cute sandals and heels! Quench your skin’s thirst with this juicy refresher featuring fruits from the land of citrus.

This pedicure begins with a calming Citrus-Cilantro soak, your skin is then thoroughly smoothed with a Citrus Grass sea salt scrub.  Silky and supple, you will bask in an all-natural, citrus vanilla shea butter application.  Absolutely sublime!

50 minutes $50 | 80 minutes $80

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The Citrus Grove Pedicure will be offered from April 1st – June 30th , so book yours today!

Meet Kylan Fischer – Glen Ivy’s Newest Yoga Instructor

At Glen Ivy, we focus on total wellness of the mind, body, and soul, that’s why we only have the best and brightest yoga teachers in the industry teaching the most innovative and relaxing classes for our guests.  Meet Kylan Fisher –  our newest Yoga instructor! With several years as a certified Yoga Teacher, she will bring a restorative teaching selection of unique yoga classes designed to relax and renew, creating what is known as “The Glen Ivy Wellness Experience”.

Starting this April, Kylan will be teaching Vinyasa Flow, a challenging combination of strength, balance, and flexibility. You will be engaging every muscle as you flow through demanding sequences designed to help deepen your practice and center your mind.  You will have the opportunity to learn more challenging postures.

Check out our daily activity calendar and make the most of your day!



Out and About at Glen Ivy this Spring

California is famous for its endless sunny warmth, but these last several years of ongoing drought conditions have amplified that. Every year the draught continues, a “next normal” is established, but even so, there are many familiar bench-marks that indeed, announce that spring is upon us.

Even with just the little rain we’ve received, one can watch the surrounding hillsides transform to swatches of soft green, and when Coldwater Creek flows, there is a welcomed energy that recharges the landscape of Glen Ivy. Wild Cucumber vines spread and climb on everything with a burst of small white flowers, and Flowering Jasmine spiral above the Kiosk. Along the back road in the Spiral, daffodils push up from the garden with their yellow trumpet flowers and plump strawberries sweeten in the soft spring sun.

White-Crowned Sparrows, Juncos and Audubon Warblers all spend the winter with us before their northern migration, holding spots for the Orioles, Phainopepla’s (look it up!), Swallows and Grosbeaks who arrive back from the South. The flurry of Hummingbirds across the property kicks into high gear, and the first nest of the season has already been reported.

Any time of day at Glen Ivy holds its own special features and rhythms with a spectrum of sights, sounds and happenings, but my favorite time of day at Glen Ivy is early morning before the sun rises. The mornings hold a calming stillness but also a brewing energy about to burst upon the day. The space between the two is always a time to reflect and appreciate all that’s around us.

With each day just a little bit longer now, the softness of spring leads on to summer and new experiences across our landscape. When you’re walking through Glen Ivy, make sure you take a minute or two and enjoy all the sights and sounds about. Remember, it’s never important what you see, it’s that you see all the wonder around you.

This article was contributed by Jim Root; President and CEO of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

Spring has sprung at the Hot Springs!

Spring is here! It is a time when we typically put away winter coats and boots and go for a pair of shorts and flip flops. Although, this winter has been quite different, and it seems as though we have been living in our shorts and flip flops since last spring! It is still nice to look at all of the wonderful things that spring can bring.

Enjoying the Hot Springs on a warm, spring day can be a breathtaking experience. All of your senses are invigorated as you soak into a deep relaxation that you may never have thought possible. To start, the sights of spring are all around you. The views of the Santa Ana Mountain range surround you, while birds fly overhead and the beautiful, vibrant colors from the newly sprouted flowers and plants bring the essence of spring to life. The smells of fresh blooming flowers, sunscreen covered sun bathers, and the striking, yet refreshing scent of the mineral baths fill the air, reminding you that you are in a tranquil paradise. The sounds of birds chirping, water splashing, and people laughing immediately transform you into a happy, enlightened mood that radiates through your soul, just like the warmth of the sun on your skin or the soothing touch of the warm water over you.

Spring at the Hot Springs is a time for renewing and revitalizing yourself. You can enjoy the healing waters, relax in the warm sun, rejuvenate your skin in Club Mud and The Grotto, learn something new with one of our JoyFitness classes, satisfy your taste buds with a savory meal from Café Sole and curb that sweet tooth craving with a delicious cupcake, treat yourself to a service or two, read a book, chat with friends or just simply do nothing and relax for you.





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