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Kimberly’s Story

On October 5th, 2016 we had the honor of working with 9 beautiful Breast Cancer survivors. They each wrote about their journey in their own words. 

One of the most feared things a woman can hear is “You have breast cancer.”

My journey began like many others.  I was going about my life, paving my way in the world, and never for a moment, thinking about breast cancer.

The summer of 2003 was like any other, and it came.  I felt a small something on the outer part of my left breast.  I had an old mammogram order that had expired and thought to use it anyhow.  I called for a mammogram appointment and they scheduled me for a month away.  My husband thought that was a bit far out so I called back the next day and it just so happened they had a cancellation that day. I went in with my expired mammogram order and they did not realize it was expired until after my mammogram.  The Radiologist came in with the first of my bad news.  “You have many suspicious micro calcification’s,” and wanted me to get an ultrasound right away.  The next day I got my ultrasound… Same results… not good… I need a biopsy.

After a recommendation from Margaret McCoy I went to Dr. West at the Breast Care Center in Orange.  His opinion was the same… I need a biopsy and if it is cancer, a mastectomy was my only option.  June 9, 2003 was my biopsy.  The surgery went fine and I was on my way back home.

A couple days later as I sat in my living room by myself Dr. West called with the news no one ever wants to hear… you have cancer.  This is where my journey began…I spent sleepless nights searching the web for information about breast cancer.

I’m not really sure when that moment passed.  After the initial shock and hysteria wore off, I created a believable illusion that I was okay.  That I could handle whatever cancer handed me because I was a fighter, and I was tough.  I let autopilot take over as I phoned friends to break the news.  I hate those words. YOU. HAVE. CANCER.

I met with Dr. West to learn my options.   It was all too much to take.  Without a second thought I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy.   I needed to do everything I could do reduce my risk of developing a new breast cancer in the future. I just wanted to get rid of this “cancer” thing in my body.

I found a web site called Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.  The moment I logged on to the site, I felt like I had arrived.  I was surrounded by a cyber sorority.  Women from all walks of life with one common bond.  They were all mad as hell, and not taking cancer lightly.  After a few days on the discussion boards I had a core circle of friends.  These girls were my salvation.  I learned more from them then I did from any of my doctors.

After meeting with Dr. West, I met my oncologist, Dr. Margileth.  As the doctor looked over my chart the next agenda was to talk about additional treatments… Chemo. I told him I would decide if I liked him if he let me keep my hair.  He then gave me a couple of options.  Given my stage one option was to take a lighter dose of chemo over a longer period of time and I could keep my hair.  That was it… I wanted it.

I left the office with a plan. Cancer thought it had one up on me, but with my plan set in motion, I leveled the playing field.  Cancer was missing one important piece of information–  that I only play to win.

First on the agenda… a bi-lateral mastectomy from Dr. West and Dr. Hagstrom, my plastic surgeon, would come right behind him and recreate the breast Dr. West removed.  Using my tummy fat and 12 hours of surgery I had my new mounds.

It was not an easy recovery but it was very doable.

Next on the agenda was Chemo…

I went into chemo like it was my first day at school; determined to divide and conquer.  My wrists were piled high with pink bracelets.  I wore pink from head to toe, I was ready for war.  My best friend Jeanne Shroyer sat by my side at every chemo party we went to, that’s what I called it… “My Chemo Party”.

On weeks to come, life was anything but normal.  I went to a class called, “Look Good, Feel Good.”  I remember sitting in this class and they offered me a wig and I said “no thank you I’m not going to lose my hair”.  At that moment a women across the table lifted her wig off and said “that’s what they told me”.  I know the look on my face told it all but I kindly said “I’ll wait”.

I quickly learned how to be my own best advocate.  I researched, and read books.  I joined every online cancer community that was available.  Within these cyber walls, I found a sisterhood that welcomed me with open arms.  If I had a question, my sisters had the answer.  When I experienced side effects from treatment, my sisters knew how to ease my pain.  Although I had a huge support team of family and friends in my corner,  I knew they could never fully understand.  I knew that they wanted me to be okay, so I swallowed my hurt and put on a brave front.  With my cyber sisters, there was no need to hide.  When someone was sick, we prayed.  When someone was sad, we listened.  When someone had surgery we sent gentle hugs.  When someone was dying, we put our own fears of death aside, and mourned a life that was not done living.

It was the beginning of the next chapter of reclaiming my life.

I had a lot of good days, and I felt like the worst was behind me.  But, the downside of having so many friends in the cancer community is the reality that some of them will have a recurrence, and some of them will die.  I realized early on, that just because I got better, the fight against cancer wasn’t over.  I felt this rite of passage from the sisterhood, this sense of duty to help women through the emotional roller coaster of cancer.  I began to mentor women going through breast cancer on my own.  In 2008 Janelle Basham and myself were asked to take over the Bosom Buddies, a breast cancer support organization founded in the early 90’s by Carolyn Knight, Margaret McCoy, Linda Johnson and Cathy Zaitz  all of Canyon Lake, CA.  It was a club dedicated to support woman in their struggle with breast Cancer.  Our mission as a Bosom Buddy is to Educate, Inspire and Support newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Survivors during their Breast Cancer Journey.

This experience is more than I ever could have imagined.  I am a part of something that is so much bigger than me, and for that I am so grateful.  I have the chance to give back what I’ve received.
It brings me great joy to celebrate being a survivor, although it has come at a price.  I have lived through triumph and hope, just as I have lived through sadness and loss.  I celebrate to honor the lives that cancer has cut short.  I celebrate for my sisters who are sick, with hopes for brighter days ahead.  I celebrate those that came before me, and those that undoubtedly will come after me.  And when the day arrives, when we finally have a cure for this life changing illness, that will be the greatest celebration of them all.


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What We’re Loving Right Now: Farm House Fresh Inspired Treatments

Reconnect with wellness this month. We all lead busy lives and do not always leave time for ourselves in our day-to-day routine which can make us forget the importance of our individual wellness. Here at Glen Ivy we offer not only a place to sit back and relax, but also a place to reach your utmost wellness. This fall treat your body to a regular Farm House Fresh skin or body treatment to keep yourself not only glowing but healthy as well.

Golden Pear Body Treatment $100-$160

Did you spend too much time in the sun this summer leaving your skin dead and rough? Our Golden Pear Body Treatment is designed to exfoliate and bring your body to its softest yet!


Reconnect with your inner-self as you relax and enjoy an exfoliating treatment with a Farm House Fresh Barlett-pear infused Brandy scrub to renew and refresh your skin and yourself to start the new season. This treatment is filled with fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil to create that fall glisten and silky smooth skin.

After the scrub, you will be massaged with a Farm House Fresh Shea Butter that contains natural citrus and vanilla oils to take your skin to the ultimate level of softness. This treatment will give you a chance to remember that taking care of yourself and your wellness is important, especially at the start of a new season.

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Holy Guacamole Facial $115

 Receiving a regular facial is much more than just some time of indulgent pampering. Facials have great benefits to the health and wellness of your skin for both short and long term. Give your face the wellness it deserves after a few months of the summer sun with our Farm House Fresh Holy Guacamole Facial!

This facial is specific to not only pamper your skin, but to revive it with infused high potency organic plant botanicals.

First comes the deep dip of a refreshing cool hydration with a revitalizing mask packed with fresh avocado butter, extract and oil. These help to deliver key fatty acids and vitamins to your skin which then moisturizes what is parched and dry.

Finally, your skin will be immediately soothed with a blend of antioxidants and anti-irritants which includes Green Tea to lock the hydration in to create that healthy and replenished glow.

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Cabanas Perfect for a Couple Getaway

Our new poolside cabanas are located at the North Pool which offers stunning pool and waterfall views and can accommodate up to two guests per cabana. Our poolside cabanas include two chaise lounges and interior table seating for two. Revel in your own personal bubble of relaxation with your friend or partner. Not to mention that these cabanas include many special amenities to ensure that you enjoy your day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs to the fullest!

These cabana amenities include:

  • Fresh Water
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • Reserved Parking
  • Personalized food & beverage wait services


During peak season, March through October, these cabanas can be rented Friday-Monday for $175 and Tuesday-Thursday for $150. What better way to spend a day together than at Glen Ivy Hot Springs with your own personal poolside cabana!

The Glen Ivy Essential Packing Guide


We hear this all too often, “What should we bring for a full day at Glen Ivy?” Whether you want to spend a full day experiencing the Hot Springs, or just have a few hours to indulge, our team of experts has created a checklist of essentials that every Glen Ivy Guest should pack!

  • Printable Guest Map and Guide – We’ve made it easy to plan your day…just go to the Plan Your Day page on our Website, print out our Guest Map and Guide and plan your day around your pre-booked services. Make sure to visit Club Mud first then finish off with the Grotto Body Treatment! We also highly recommend you take advantage of our complimentary daily fitness and wellness classes.  Make the most of your day and plan ahead!
  • Beach bag- This is a must to carry all of your essentials!
  • Dark colored bathing suit- We recommend wearing dark colors if you wish to experience Club Mud. The all natural red clay is a bright rust color that may stain lighter clothing!
  • Sunscreen- If you are planning on relaxing in the lounge pool, which we totally recommend, you definitely want to protect your skin against the Southern California sun!
  • Cover-up- Wear your bathing suit, but also wear a cute cover-up for lunch- you never know who you might meet.
  • Water bottle- We have several spa water stations, but we recommend bringing your own reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is especially important if you’re planning to enjoy spa treatments.
  • Towel- We do have towels for your convenience, but in order to play our part in the California water conservation effort, we are always looking for new ways to save water. We encourage guests to bring their own towels!
  • Book or favorite magazine- Take the whole day off to catch up on your favorite book or celebrity gossip while floating on one of our lounge pool rafts.
  • Lip balm with sunscreen- Lips are often overlooked when it comes to sunscreen, but the truth of the matter is that your lips can get burned, too! Prevent early aging and keep your perfect pout healthy and moisturized with a SPF-infused lip balm.
  • Sunglasses- This is an absolute must! Your eyes are not only the window to the soul, but are easily anyone’s best feature! Protect your vision and help prevent squinting eyes from the sun.
  • Aloe Vera / After Sun Lotion- A day in the sun can be taxing on your skin so be sure to pack a hydrating lotion to keep it pampered and soft.
  • Sandals/flip-flops – Embrace summer and keep things easy with a cute pair of comfortable sandals.
  • Cash or a Credit Card – It’s always best to have a few bucks on hand just in case or place card on file to simplify purchases throughout the day.
  • Camera- A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Be sure to bring a camera to capture those precious Glen Ivy Moments; don’t forget to tag #GlenIvyDays for a chance for your picture to be featured on our Instagram!

Don’t worry if you forget something! You can find most of these items in our Spa Lifestyle Store. Plus, with your favorite products from Kai, Luli Fama, Coola and San Diego Hat Company,  you can’t go wrong!

NuFace Quick Lift Microcurrent Facial

Toned, firmed skin has never been easier to achieve thanks to Glen Ivy’s newest facial treatment! A pampering facial using Primavera organic skin care is expertly performed before NuFace application. The NuFace Trinity, a low-level, safe, effective, and soothing device, mimics the body’s natural current, delivers instant facial contouring, toning and firming anti-aging results. Blogger Jade Marie of Kissable Complexions recently came by for the treatment and left “feeling evenly toned and tight.” It’s like a mini facelift without the downtime or sky high price!

This treatment personalized for your skin’s needs and is offered in 20-minute, 50-minute and 80-minute services.  Call to book today!  888 GlenIvy

Memorial Day at Glen Ivy

I think it important to remember the intention of Memorial Day and reflect on all we have to be thankful for at Glen Ivy, in our own lives and as part of the larger world community.

Glen Ivy had been operating for six years when Decoration Day was first commemorated in 1868 to honor the Union Army soldiers killed in the Civil War.  After World War I the day was expanded to include remembrances for the fallen of all wars and military actions.

In 1919, during World War I a poem was written commemorating the soldiers who died and were buried in Flander’s Field in Belgium. The red poppy which grew wild in the fields became a symbol of remembrance for those soldiers.

Glen Ivy annually supports troops serving in different locations.  This year we will invite our guests to join us in supporting our troops by purchasing Red Poppy Cookies made for us by Angel Wings Bakery with 100% of their profits going directly to sustaining services that help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  For every cookie purchased we will donate a Taking the Waters Admission pass to the Camp Pendleton Officers Spouses Club.  It is not only important to support our soldiers but the families of our deployed troops.   We will also be writing cards to a soldiers which will be part of a care package we are putting together for a special designated troop.

Thank you for your support.

All my best,

Jim Root, CEO/President


In Flanders Fields

By: Lt. Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)

 In Flanders Fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.  Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and where loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep though poppies grow

In Flounders fields.

Fun Fitness Friday’s and Wellness Wednesday’s

Join Us for Fun Fitness Friday’s and Wellness Wednesday’s

Fun Fitness Friday’s – April 10th & 24th, May 1st, 8th & 29th

10:00 Joy Fitness Camp
Our JoyFitness Camp is a feel good version of your favorite circuit style workout—no equipment required! Experience body weight training that feels good, but also gets you the results you’re looking for. Head home with an easy to follow 20-minute routine you can do on your own.

11:00 Aqua  Fiesta
When your body moves freely and effortlessly, it is pure joy! Add in the Latin vibe and you’ve got an aqua fiesta party! Glen Ivy’s famous aqua aerobics class has been a guest favorite for years, and they are a fun way to get fit in a gentle and supportive environment. The buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints while providing a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy upbeat music and camaraderie of friends while energizing your body, mind and spirit. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.

2:00 Kundalini Yoga
Feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed. Kundalini Yoga focuses on opening and releasing the spine and the muscles of the back, leaving you feeling energized but deeply calm and centered. Each Kundalini Yoga class concludes with a Gong Meditation to complete your descent into joy.

3:00 PiYo H2O
What do you get when you plunge pilates and yoga into a pool full of cool, refreshing water? PiYoH20! This class combines yoga and pilates inspired exercises with the healing and supportive properties of exercising in water. The result is a unique and effective total body workout. It’s a wonderful way to wind down your Glen Ivy day and head home feeling lengthened, strengthened, and in tune with your wellness.

Theta Healing
A ThetaHealing® session empowers you to live a life balanced in peace, love and harmony – a life you’ve always wanted to live but never thought possible or felt you deserved! In a safe, meditative environment, Anke will guide you through the experiences of forgiveness, acceptance, respect, and trust as you let go of feelings that no longer serve you. ThetaHealing® can release the root cause of physical, emotional, and mental pain and struggle. Fully breathe in the present moment and connect with the true essence of unconditional love, beauty and purity in this powerfully healing experience.

4.15 JoyFitness 2

Wellness Wednesday’s – April 15th & 29th, May 6th & 27th

10:00 Walking for Wellness
Walking for health and wellness is easy, safe, effective, and fun. In this class, Meg Root, our resident wellness coach, will teach you a variety of techniques that will turn your walking into a workout. Learn how to increase your speed, burn more calories, tone key areas of your body, such as abdominals and legs, and make your workout more effective and fun. You’ll also connect with the mindfulness aspects of walking by learning how to walk our beautiful Glen Ivy labyrinth. Footwear recommended.

11:00 Aqua Fit
Glen Ivy’s famous aqua aerobics class has been a guest favorite for years and is a fun way to get fit in a gentle and supportive environment. The buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints while providing a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy upbeat music and camaraderie of friends while energizing your body, mind and spirit with our low impact aerobic workout. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.

1:00 Inspired Change
We all have areas of our life we would like to change, from improving aspects of our health and wellness to setting a new course for our life or career. But oftentimes change can feel hard, confusing, or even impossible. We can easily feel stuck and overwhelmed. Join Meg Root, our resident wellness coach, to learn how to drop the struggle associated with change and infuse your journey with joy and optimism.

  • Learn why traditional strategies like S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, finding your “why,” and using willpower to change, often fall short of helping us reach our goals.
  • Replace these worn out strategies with a new, more positive approach called Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting.
  • Discover how you already have all you need to bring your dreams and aspirations to life by learning how to take inspired action.
  • Embrace your new path with positivity and confidence using Meg’s no-fail, feel-good system for making positive choices.

What are you waiting for? Spend some during your Glen Ivy day re-charting your course towards wellness success.

2:00 Yoga for Wellness
Stretch, open, relax and let go. Find joy in movement and peace in stillness with Hatha Yoga. Our certified instructors help you find the perfect practice for nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Stretching and yoga pose options are offered, tailoring the class to the level of each student. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcomed.

3:00 PiYo H2O
What do you get when you plunge pilates and yoga into a pool full of cool, refreshing water? PiYoH20! This class combines yoga and pilates inspired exercises with the healing and supportive properties of exercising in water. The result is a unique and effective total body workout. It’s a wonderful way to wind down your Glen Ivy day and head home feeling lengthened, strengthened, and in tune with your wellness.

4:00 Yoga for the Face
Here we introduce you some simple yet effective facial exercises for a lean, sculpted and younger looking face. Yes, face yoga is a promising technique that involves series of exercises which help to tone the face just like yoga for body tones and relaxes the body.

Mother’s Day at Glen Ivy

Show your Mom Some Love at Glen Ivy

Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale

$100 Glen Ivy Gift Cards on sale for $85

Purchase 3 or more and receive FREE shipping

Available April 16th through May 6th 2015

4.15 Relationships 2 

Champagne Service

Just for Mom

1 Flute of Champagne and 1 Truffle |   $10

Available May 5th while supplies last

4.15 Relationships 3 

Mudders Day Instagram Contest

Bring your mom and get her muddy

Post a picture of your muddy mom, use the hashtag #GlenIvyMuddersDay

10 moms with the most likes will win 2 admission + 2 grotto passes

Contest will run from May 4th, 2015 to May 10th, 2015 winners will be chosen May 22nd, 2015

Privacy settings must be set to public in order to be entered to win


Close your eyes, breathe in… Let the scent of soothing rose petals envelope you. As you begin your journey to more perfect skin, the first step primes your senses for what is to come. Your Rose Hydration facial will begin with a soothing head, neck and face massage, which will send you into a true state of bliss. This indulgent and rehydrating treatment is suitable for all skin types, as your aesthetician will assess your skin needs, then purify the skin using a Clarisonic brush, and a gentle yet effective organic cleanser selected just for you. The journey continues with a manual exfoliation, extractions and a Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask. While your mask works to heal & moisturize, enjoy a deeply relaxing hot stone massage of your neck, arms, hands and shoulders. Your treatment will also include a head massage with argan oil, to moisturize your scalp & hair. Once your Glam Glow mask is removed, your aesthetician will calm & awaken tired skin with an uplifting rose toner, and a cool stone facial massage. To finish, you will receive a Clarisonic Opal Eye Treatment that tightens, lifts, and brightens the whole eye are. When you open your eyes, your skin and mind will feel balanced, refreshed, and renewed… a true Rose experience!

Five No-Fail Feel-Good Resolutions For The New Year

Meg Root is a wellness activist who writes, speaks, and coaches about health and wellness. Her practical, feel-good, wellness advice that ANYONE can use to get back on the path toward lasting health and perfect well-being is ideal for attainable New Year’s Resolutions. Here she shares with us her no-fail, feel-good resolutions for 2015:

Let’s be honest. We have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions. We love them because they provide hope, energy, and motivation to change our lives for the better. We hate them because they always seem to fizzle before the first week in February.

So, how can we make peace with this annual tradition, and finally enjoy the ecstasy of accomplishment and success? Easy! Simply choose no-fail, feel-good goals that are focused on the process instead of the product. Current research supports taking small positive actions day in and day out until they add up to the result you’re looking for—a healthier, happier life. Are you in? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Do one thing every day that makes you feel well! It doesn’t have to be big, bold and time consuming. Simple things like taking a ten- minute walk, eating a healthy snack, and practicing gratitude can all lead to instant wellness gratification.
  • Move for a few minutes every hour of every day. Moving more is the single best thing we can do for our wellness. Set the timer on your phone for a “move more” break every hour. In one day you could easily add 80 minutes of activity without even trying!
  • Be kind to yourself. A Harvard study showed that practicing self-compassion leads to greater happiness. It can also get us through the ups and downs of positive change. Turn down the volume on your mean girl voice and channel the one of a supportive best friend. Feel happy now!
  • Celebrate your accomplishments. At the end of each day, look back and give yourself credit for something that you’ve accomplished. Write it down and put it in a jar. Then watch the jar–and your life–fill up with wellness.
  • Find one wellness friend and commit to helping each other become better than ever before December 31, 2015. You are 40% more likely to accomplish your goals if you have the help of another person. And at the end of the year, the world will have two healthier, happier, people!

Simple, doable, repeatable . . . I call these Simple Acts of Wellness. Finding things that we can do even when life is crazy busy—which is most of the time—means that we don’t have to wait to feel good when our goal is accomplished. We can feel good NOW!

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