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Kimberly’s Story

On October 5th, 2016 we had the honor of working with 9 beautiful Breast Cancer survivors. They each wrote about their journey in their own words. 

One of the most feared things a woman can hear is “You have breast cancer.”

My journey began like many others.  I was going about my life, paving my way in the world, and never for a moment, thinking about breast cancer.

The summer of 2003 was like any other, and it came.  I felt a small something on the outer part of my left breast.  I had an old mammogram order that had expired and thought to use it anyhow.  I called for a mammogram appointment and they scheduled me for a month away.  My husband thought that was a bit far out so I called back the next day and it just so happened they had a cancellation that day. I went in with my expired mammogram order and they did not realize it was expired until after my mammogram.  The Radiologist came in with the first of my bad news.  “You have many suspicious micro calcification’s,” and wanted me to get an ultrasound right away.  The next day I got my ultrasound… Same results… not good… I need a biopsy.

After a recommendation from Margaret McCoy I went to Dr. West at the Breast Care Center in Orange.  His opinion was the same… I need a biopsy and if it is cancer, a mastectomy was my only option.  June 9, 2003 was my biopsy.  The surgery went fine and I was on my way back home.

A couple days later as I sat in my living room by myself Dr. West called with the news no one ever wants to hear… you have cancer.  This is where my journey began…I spent sleepless nights searching the web for information about breast cancer.

I’m not really sure when that moment passed.  After the initial shock and hysteria wore off, I created a believable illusion that I was okay.  That I could handle whatever cancer handed me because I was a fighter, and I was tough.  I let autopilot take over as I phoned friends to break the news.  I hate those words. YOU. HAVE. CANCER.

I met with Dr. West to learn my options.   It was all too much to take.  Without a second thought I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy.   I needed to do everything I could do reduce my risk of developing a new breast cancer in the future. I just wanted to get rid of this “cancer” thing in my body.

I found a web site called Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.  The moment I logged on to the site, I felt like I had arrived.  I was surrounded by a cyber sorority.  Women from all walks of life with one common bond.  They were all mad as hell, and not taking cancer lightly.  After a few days on the discussion boards I had a core circle of friends.  These girls were my salvation.  I learned more from them then I did from any of my doctors.

After meeting with Dr. West, I met my oncologist, Dr. Margileth.  As the doctor looked over my chart the next agenda was to talk about additional treatments… Chemo. I told him I would decide if I liked him if he let me keep my hair.  He then gave me a couple of options.  Given my stage one option was to take a lighter dose of chemo over a longer period of time and I could keep my hair.  That was it… I wanted it.

I left the office with a plan. Cancer thought it had one up on me, but with my plan set in motion, I leveled the playing field.  Cancer was missing one important piece of information–  that I only play to win.

First on the agenda… a bi-lateral mastectomy from Dr. West and Dr. Hagstrom, my plastic surgeon, would come right behind him and recreate the breast Dr. West removed.  Using my tummy fat and 12 hours of surgery I had my new mounds.

It was not an easy recovery but it was very doable.

Next on the agenda was Chemo…

I went into chemo like it was my first day at school; determined to divide and conquer.  My wrists were piled high with pink bracelets.  I wore pink from head to toe, I was ready for war.  My best friend Jeanne Shroyer sat by my side at every chemo party we went to, that’s what I called it… “My Chemo Party”.

On weeks to come, life was anything but normal.  I went to a class called, “Look Good, Feel Good.”  I remember sitting in this class and they offered me a wig and I said “no thank you I’m not going to lose my hair”.  At that moment a women across the table lifted her wig off and said “that’s what they told me”.  I know the look on my face told it all but I kindly said “I’ll wait”.

I quickly learned how to be my own best advocate.  I researched, and read books.  I joined every online cancer community that was available.  Within these cyber walls, I found a sisterhood that welcomed me with open arms.  If I had a question, my sisters had the answer.  When I experienced side effects from treatment, my sisters knew how to ease my pain.  Although I had a huge support team of family and friends in my corner,  I knew they could never fully understand.  I knew that they wanted me to be okay, so I swallowed my hurt and put on a brave front.  With my cyber sisters, there was no need to hide.  When someone was sick, we prayed.  When someone was sad, we listened.  When someone had surgery we sent gentle hugs.  When someone was dying, we put our own fears of death aside, and mourned a life that was not done living.

It was the beginning of the next chapter of reclaiming my life.

I had a lot of good days, and I felt like the worst was behind me.  But, the downside of having so many friends in the cancer community is the reality that some of them will have a recurrence, and some of them will die.  I realized early on, that just because I got better, the fight against cancer wasn’t over.  I felt this rite of passage from the sisterhood, this sense of duty to help women through the emotional roller coaster of cancer.  I began to mentor women going through breast cancer on my own.  In 2008 Janelle Basham and myself were asked to take over the Bosom Buddies, a breast cancer support organization founded in the early 90’s by Carolyn Knight, Margaret McCoy, Linda Johnson and Cathy Zaitz  all of Canyon Lake, CA.  It was a club dedicated to support woman in their struggle with breast Cancer.  Our mission as a Bosom Buddy is to Educate, Inspire and Support newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Survivors during their Breast Cancer Journey.

This experience is more than I ever could have imagined.  I am a part of something that is so much bigger than me, and for that I am so grateful.  I have the chance to give back what I’ve received.
It brings me great joy to celebrate being a survivor, although it has come at a price.  I have lived through triumph and hope, just as I have lived through sadness and loss.  I celebrate to honor the lives that cancer has cut short.  I celebrate for my sisters who are sick, with hopes for brighter days ahead.  I celebrate those that came before me, and those that undoubtedly will come after me.  And when the day arrives, when we finally have a cure for this life changing illness, that will be the greatest celebration of them all.


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Kathy’s Story

On October 5th, 2016 we had the honor of working with 9 beautiful Breast Cancer survivors. They each wrote about their journey in their own words. 

As my family planned a huge party to celebrate my 50th birthday, we also were preparing for my bilateral mastectomy just three days later. A mammogram earlier that summer had given me a clean bill of health, but an MRI weeks later led to the diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in October of 2013.  I had faithfully visited Temecula Valley Imaging every few years, as I watched my mother and my aunt (her sister) deal with pre-menopausal breast cancer in their forties, and I was well aware that “early detection saves lives”.  I had confided in my younger sister, Meri, that I expected to get breast cancer someday, but nothing truly prepared me for the news I had been dreading my whole life.

I was aware that I had dense breast tissue, like many other women, but I didn’t realize this increased my chances of developing cancer, or that it made it more difficult for mammograms to detect cancer tumors.   Thankfully, Dr. Amy Bremner of Breastlink in Murrieta recommended I have the MRI due to my family history, and the fact that I had dense breasts. My cancer diagnosis came after a biopsy of the suspicious area, which turned out to be the exact location of my mother’s tumor.  Subsequent genetic testing came back negative for both of the breast cancer genes, but I feel strongly that there is a yet undiscovered gene lurking in my DNA that scientists have yet to identify.

Make sure every woman you love knows about self-breast exams, and gets their mammogram annually once they reach the age of 40.  If you have a family history of breast cancer, these screenings may need to be sooner. Additionally, in September of 2012 a Breast Density Notification Law (SB 1538) was enacted which requires physicians to inform women who have dense breast tissue of possible additional screening options.  This new legislation saved my life!

I cannot tell you how many women I have met who shared that they have not yet had a mammogram because they were afraid of what they might discover. Early detection IS the key, and gives you the best chance to become a survivor if cancer is detected.  You owe it to your family who loves you; please schedule your baseline mammogram today!

I am so very thankful to my amazing family who supported me throughout all of my surgeries. I’m also thankful to Janelle and Kimbo of the Bosom Buddies support group who were available to answer my questions, and continue to support me and other women fighting cancer.  And last, but not least, I’m thankful for the many women who have paved the road before me so that my own journey was not so bumpy.  I will continue to fight like a girl, be brave through whatever challenges lie ahead, and share my story with anyone who will listen!

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Maja’s Story

On October 5th, 2016 we had the honor of working with 9 beautiful Breast Cancer survivors. They each wrote about their journey in their own words. 

A client of mine who became a good friend had been waging a long fight with cancer.  She insisted that I promise to never skip a mammogram, something I had not considered important in the past.  Sadly, after 18 years she lost the battle.

Not long after, I received a reminder from Kaiser to schedule a mammogram.  I remembered my promise and followed through.  A couple of days after my screening, my husband and I went to  Catalina to do some scuba diving and hiking.  I remember how strong and healthy I felt that day.  Afterward, upon arrival at home, I listened to a message advising a second appointment and ultrasound.  Chills ran through me and I recalled a dream I had on Christmas Day the year before.  I dreamt I was  a cancer survivor and a spokesperson for some organization.  I could not believe this was happening!

Within a couple of days I had a series of mammograms and knew I was in big trouble.  The physician suggested an immediate biopsy.  After the biopsy, surgery was scheduled. In absolute shock and shaking, I put an ice pack on my chest and went straight to work.  After work, I told my husband I had cancer.  This was the hardest time of the whole ordeal, afraid of the unknown and upset that my body had let me down after years of taking good care of myself.  My doctor convinced me that being in good condition would hasten recovery.  He was right.

My friends and coworkers helped me maintain a positive attitude and I focused on the needs of my clients.  But, after work I would go to my car and emotionally collapse for a few minutes.  Then I employed the same techniques I used to get through bad situations under water:  “Maja, stay calm.  Think straight.  You can do it!”  Then I would crank up the radio volume and scream my lungs out singing along with rock and roll singers.

It was less than a month from my first mammogram to surgery.  My doctor was very good and I trusted his experience.  On the day of surgery, my husband was stressed out so I drove myself.  It actually worked out well because I was concentrating on driving instead of worrying.  The surgery went well.  It was on a Monday and by Wednesday I was walking.  By Sunday I was walking my regular five miles, and by Tuesday I was back at work.  Every day for five weeks I went for radiation then to work.  After work, I went for walks with my husband and made dinner.  I was not going to let cancer take over my life.

I was not yet done with radiation when friends encouraged me to join the Race for the Cure.  It was such an amazing and emotional experience full of love and support.  We ran 5K and I dropped cancer right there in front of Nordstrom!

For about six months, I felt like a road bump detector, feeling every movement, every imperfection in the road.  What really helped me was returning to normalcy as soon as I was able to– working, exercising, having a monthly massage, and being surrounded by healthy supportive people.  Life is beautiful if you open yourself up to it.

Writing this story brought back some uncomfortable memories and feelings and I almost gave up, but as usual I invoked my self-pep talk:  “ You can do it Maja!”


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Couples Getaway – Cabana Retreats

Celebrate the last days of summer with a final celebration in one of our cabanas. This is the perfect chance for a getaway with your loved one, where you can unwind and relax in luxury and in the California sunshine. Not to mention that these cabanas include many special amenities to ensure that you and your loved one enjoy your day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs to the fullest!

  • Personal Fruit-Infused Water Dispenser
  • 2 VIP premium lounge chairs with picture-perfect view
  • Hand-picked Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • Individual fan and lighting
  • Private credenza complete with fresh towels
  • A table for two
  • Personalized food & beverage wait services all day

During peak season, March through October, these cabanas can be rented Friday-Monday for $175 and Tuesday-Thursday for $150. What better way to spend a day together than at Glen Ivy Hot Springs with your own personal Cabana!

Back to School – Back to You, Treat Yourself to a Fall Escape


Say goodbye to summer and hello to a little California fall escape! With the sun still shining strong, fall into relaxation at Glen Ivy! Our Total Wellness Package gives you the opportunity to create your own personal wellness day. We also offer pre-book discounts that will make you absolutely glow!

The Total Wellness Package includes a 50 minute service, Taking the Waters admission, a grotto treatment and Daily Wellness Activities such as Yoga, and Zumba. This package is available until September 30th. Pre-book for $155 Mon – Fri & $175 Sat -Sun and Holidays.

Don’t want to get the Total Wellness Package? You can still Pre-book and save! Add Taking the Waters admission to any service you have booked that is 50 minutes or longer for $35 Monday – Friday or $55 Saturday – Sunday & Holidays.

Book Now

Twilight Entertainment Guide for Summer Nights at Glen Ivy!

Glen Ivy under the stars is finally here! Nighttime programming includes extended hours Thursday through Saturday, from 4pm-9pm. Not only does Glen Ivy have extended hours that you can enjoy all evening, but we are also offering an array of programming including dive-in movie night, live music, and delicious bites & beverages. Glen Ivy will be transformed into a tropical nighttime oasis to escape the heat! The hot springs’ prime location offers an endless summer where guests can relax in sunshine and now under the stars as well. The new entertainment kicked off June 30th with 50 First Dates. We have more dive-in movies coming up on select Thursdays at 7pm, including Beach Blanket Bingo, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing and Jaws. Our entertainment also includes live DJ’s and performers on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm-9pm.  It is definitely the perfect place to enjoy summer nights this season!


Cabana Celebrations

Treat yourself and save! The Cabana Celebration Package has everything you need for a memorable and enjoyable day including: A grotto Moisturizing Treatment – A 50-minute Spa Treatment (Chose from a Swedish Massage, Glen Ivy Facial or The Glen Ivy Body Detox Treatment) free robe rental and admission all for $150 Per Person Monday through Friday and $165 Saturday through Sunday and Holidays.  *This package is only available for cabana guests. Cabana and lunch are not included with this package. 

The Cabanas and Solé Terrace at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa are great settings for casual get-togethers and celebrations with family, friends, or co-workers. For groups of up to 100 or more, the entire Solé Terrace may be rented, including all four Cabanas. Many options are available and we look forward to helping you plan your day, including a special group catering menu.

Perfect for your celebrations and casual events including:

  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Girlfriend Getaways
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Showers
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Family Reunions

For more information on groups of 30 or more, or to book a Cabana, please call our Group Sales Coordinator at (951) 277-3529 ext. 1309.


Cabana rental includes:

  • Personalized concierge service
  • Food and beverage wait service
  • Complimentary fruit basket
  • Reserved Parking

Find Wellness at Glen Ivy 

With Spring’s official arrival, it’s important to look and feel your best! Treat yourself to the ultimate spa day and pre-book our Total Wellness Package. For $155 Monday -Friday and $175 Saturday-Sunday, you will receive Taking the Waters admission, a 50-minute massage, facial, or body treatment of your choice, Grotto treatment, and one of our daily wellness activities! Whether you are seeking a relaxing day, or a health and beauty transformation, we offer each guest the ability to create their own personal wellness day.  Enjoy the 19 pools and spas or embark on a personal wellness journey by participating in one of our many activities we offer throughout your day of wellness at Glen Ivy.

Need a positive boost? Glen Ivy’s resident wellness coach Meg Root is offering coaching sessions for those who need a little affirmation. Her one-hour personalized coaching sessions are designed to help create clarity and positive energy, create wellness goals, and identify simple, doable and effective action steps to help you reach goals and get back to living your life in the best possible ways.

What to Expect From Your Wellness Coaching Session

Meg’s coaching sessions are highly interactive. They begin with focused time listening to your story and where you feel most challenged in your life and wellness. Be sure to spend some quiet time ahead of your session considering what areas of your wellness most need your attention right now. Each session then engages you in a wellness “exercise” so that you return home with a practical, feel-good plan for moving your wellness goals forward.


Release any fear or negativity around making time for yourself and your wellness. Meg will show you how the process of reclaiming your best life can feel good!

Coaching Session Descriptions

We’re all at different places on our wellness journey. The sessions below are designed to meet you where you are and then go from there. You can choose a direction from the descriptions below, or Meg can easily personalize your session based on your needs and where you feel you most need guidance.

Your Wellness Compass

There’s good news! You already have all you need to feel your best and live your best life. Your Wellness Compass session reconnects you with the wise, intuitive, and empowered energy of your “well-self.” Once you have that energy, confidence, and power back, setting a positive course for success is easy. You will leave this session with a clear, colorful, wellness compass to guide your day-to-day journey back to wellness.

Take Back Your Life!

Your wellness and life’s purpose can easily become lost or buried under the myriad roles you play in your life; wife, partner, mom, daughter, friend, employee. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question, “What happened to me?” or “What’s next on the horizon?” Why not reclaim your wellness with this Take Back Your Life! session? Identify what eats up your precious time and energy, reconnect with what makes you feel happy and well, then head home with a practical feel-good path for living your best life.

Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting

Goals are important! They give life meaning and energy, and make our hopes and dreams come alive. But goals are also scary, overwhelming, and elusive! We set them and too often forget them. Meg’s Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting session uses the empowered energy of your “well-self” to help you get clear about your path and energize your actions for guaranteed success. There’s a lot about traditional goal setting that gets turned upside down in this session. Be prepared!

How To Book a Coaching Session with Meg

Contact (951) 277-3529 ext. 1309


Single 1-Hour Session: $75

New Year! New You Package

$125 and includes a 1-Hour Session with Meg, Grotto Body Treatment, Lunch and your Taking the Waters admission.

*Scheduling is based on availability and is only offered Monday through Friday starting February 1st, 2016

Glen Ivy Goes Green

In gratitude for the wonderful gift of warm water and for all that the Earth gives us, Glen Ivy strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible.  To spearhead our green efforts is a volunteer group of employees that are passionate about preserving the Earth known as Sustaining Earth’s Environment Daily, or as we affectionately refer to them: S.E.E.D.

As an outdoor spa facility we rely on the environment daily and with the current drought conditions it is more important than ever to use our resources wisely. Here at Glen Ivy we are fortunate to have a committee enthusiastically devoted to these very things.

This Spring the SEED team will been busy managing recycling across the property, planning workshops for employees and volunteering for clean ups and hikes. They’ve also provided easy-to-follow recipes for Homemade Natural Weed Killer and Homemade Bug Spray using essential oils and items found around your home.


To date, S.E.E.D. has made some great changes and accomplishments at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa.  Here are a few:

  • Implemented a spa-wide recycling program for guests and employees
  • Built 8 birdhouses around the spa to provide homes for Western Bluebirds
  • Eradicated Tamarisk Trees, which endanger the native plants and trees in Coldwater Canyon. This allows native trees and plants to thrive, thereby keeping the animals and insects that live here safe, happy and healthy too.
  • Removed the use of all Styrofoam products throughout the spa
  • Created incentive programs for ridesharing and carpooling
  • Replaced 8 urinals with waterless urinals
  • Installed drinking fountains to reduce plastic cup usage around the spa
  • Using all drain water to water the landscaping and then drain into natural aquifer
  • Consolidated vendors to reduce carbon emissions from delivery trucks

Another “seed” worth noting is that Glen Ivy is a Founding Seed Spa in the Green Spa Network (www.greenspanetwork.org) committed to promoting sustainable best practices in the spa industry.


Being green is a way of life at Glen Ivy. We believe that the preservation of our Earth today will bring healthy benefits for all generations tomorrow. As we are “Nature’s Day Spa”, Glen Ivy is naturally a large consumer of environmental resources, where being earth-friendly is a top priority to us.

Our Green efforts include:

  • Using biodegradable cleaning products
  • Separating recyclables
  • The elimination of Styrofoam cups
  • Reducing the usage of plastic cups and encouraging our guests to reuse their cups
  • Using grey water where possible to irrigate our landscaping
  • Investigating the feasibility of solar electrical generation
  • Switching from conventional incandescent light bulbs to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs
  • Using only natural ingredients in our skin and body products

Glen Ivy is a founding member of the Green Spa Network, an organization dedicated to finding ways to bring sustainable operating practices to the spa industry. You are invited to join us in our efforts – please visit the Green Spa Network’s website at www.greenspanetwork.org for more information on being green.

The Perfect Glen Ivy Day


With our 19 unique pools and saunas, Taking the Waters is a signature Glen Ivy experience designed to deliver relaxation and special benefits to your skin. To receive the maximum results to your skin and muscles, there is a recommended order to try each pool.

Man Mineral Bath 72dpi

To start your pool experience off, we recommend a few minutes of immersion in one of our hot Mineral Baths, where natural minerals are easily absorbed into skin, imparting warmth to soothe aching joints and muscles. You will also notice the sulfur-like odor emanating from the waters due to the concentration of Sodium Sulfate in addition to small Calcium deposits which occur naturally. Rest assured, the waters come directly out of the earth in this form and our mineral baths are circulated every 10 minutes.

Next, take a dip in one of our Cold Pools, soothing sore muscles and allowing your body to cool off after a hot mineral bath.


After you take a cold dip, we recommend relaxing in our Lounge Pool, a perfect place to wade or float on a raft while catching up with friends and enjoying a refreshing beverage from Paradise Bar.

To get your blood flowing, try our Lap Pool for some exercise or catch a quick water aerobics class for a burst of good-for-you endorphins.

Finally, sit back and relax in our heated Saline Pool or enjoy Glen Ivy’s natural beauty beneath 106the Santa Ana Mountains with majestic views of the Temescal Valley from the Vista Pool.

Pre-book our Fall Escape Package; which includes a 50 minute or longer service and receive a discounted Taking the Waters Admission rate of $35 Mon & Fri or $55 Sat & Sun and Holidays. Or come in Tuesday through Thursday and enjoy $18.60 Admission with a service.

(Package is available now through January 31st, 2016 and cannot be combined with any other offers.)

Online Reservations


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