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Wellness Wednesdays and Fun Fitness Fridays at Glen Ivy

Spring into Wellness with Our Specialty Days!

Does the warmer weather have you sitting at your desk dreaming of spa days, beach trips, and vacation time? I know it does for me! The good news is, summer is just around the corner and flip-flops are in your future.

That’s why we’re ramping up our wellness programming for the month of May. We want to help you look and feel your best when summer arrives, and there’s no time like the present to get started. Wellness Wednesdays (May 6th and 27th) and Fun Fitness Fridays (May 1st, 8th, and 29th) will feature a variety of workshops and fitness classes to get your mind and body primed for positive change—and bathing suit season, of course.

My newest wellness workshop, “Inspired Change,” will introduce you to a feel-good, no-fail way to follow through on your wellness goals and intentions. I’m also excited to teach the first ever Glen Ivy Walking for Wellness workshop. I have been sharing my love of fitness walking for over 25 years, and have some fun and effective strategies for turning your walking into a challenging beach body workout.

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Our specialty days will also feature a few new additions to our Joy Fitness class schedule:

  • PiYoH20: Try a fun twist on pilates and yoga when we plunge these two favorites into the pool.
  • JoyFitness Camp: If you prefer a more traditional approach to getting your body in shape for the beach, this class will show you how to use simple body weight exercises to target key areas and get the results you want.
  • Yoga For the Face: Yes, you read that right. This class will introduce you to a series of effective exercises to keep your facial muscles toned and supple–and you, looking and feeling your best!

Of course we’ll also be offering our Glen Ivy favorites, Aqua Fit and Yoga on the activities deck, to round out the day.

Maybe you never followed through on your New Year’s resolution to get in shape before summer. No worries! It’s nothing a Glen Ivy wellness day in May can’t fix. Visit our activities calendar to learn more details about these new offerings. You can also read up on how to Elevate Your Spa Day to a Wellness Day, in a post from last month’s newsletter. It shares some great tips for planning your perfect day at the hot springs.

What do you say? Will you join us and let us help you get your wellness on track for a fabulous summer ahead? We’d love to see you here. Who’s in?

This article was contributed by Meg Root; Fitness and Wellness Expert at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.


Get Glowing Radiant Skin with our Spring Awakening Facial

Leap into the spring season with a brighter more youthful glow with our Spring Awakening Facial. It will transform your skin, and replenish tired, puffy eyes, with a combination of luxurious treatments! Your facial begins with a thorough cleanse using a Primavera organic cleanser, selected based on your skin care needs, with a Clarisonic brush to remove stubborn dirt and oil. A light steam is then applied as your esthetician examines your skin.

A gentle, yet effective exfoliation is followed by manual extractions, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. As you slip into a state of relaxation a hydrating mask is then applied to your face, and a Glam Glow BrightMud Eye Mask is applied to your under eye. Your esthetician will massage your head, neck and arms using hot stones that warm and soothe your muscles as your mask works to revive your skin. Your facial then concludes with a Clarisonic Opal Eye Treatment; a sonic infusion for younger looking eyes. Toner, spot treatment, moisturizer and SPF sun protection conclude your facial treatment leaving you with a true “Awakening” experience.

This article was contributed by Erin Pinto; Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Employee. 

Out and About at Glen Ivy this Spring

California is famous for its endless sunny warmth, but these last several years of ongoing drought conditions have amplified that. Every year the draught continues, a “next normal” is established, but even so, there are many familiar bench-marks that indeed, announce that spring is upon us.

Even with just the little rain we’ve received, one can watch the surrounding hillsides transform to swatches of soft green, and when Coldwater Creek flows, there is a welcomed energy that recharges the landscape of Glen Ivy. Wild Cucumber vines spread and climb on everything with a burst of small white flowers, and Flowering Jasmine spiral above the Kiosk. Along the back road in the Spiral, daffodils push up from the garden with their yellow trumpet flowers and plump strawberries sweeten in the soft spring sun.

White-Crowned Sparrows, Juncos and Audubon Warblers all spend the winter with us before their northern migration, holding spots for the Orioles, Phainopepla’s (look it up!), Swallows and Grosbeaks who arrive back from the South. The flurry of Hummingbirds across the property kicks into high gear, and the first nest of the season has already been reported.

Any time of day at Glen Ivy holds its own special features and rhythms with a spectrum of sights, sounds and happenings, but my favorite time of day at Glen Ivy is early morning before the sun rises. The mornings hold a calming stillness but also a brewing energy about to burst upon the day. The space between the two is always a time to reflect and appreciate all that’s around us.

With each day just a little bit longer now, the softness of spring leads on to summer and new experiences across our landscape. When you’re walking through Glen Ivy, make sure you take a minute or two and enjoy all the sights and sounds about. Remember, it’s never important what you see, it’s that you see all the wonder around you.

This article was contributed by Jim Root; President and CEO of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

Fun Fitness Friday’s and Wellness Wednesday’s

Join Us for Fun Fitness Friday’s and Wellness Wednesday’s

Fun Fitness Friday’s – April 10th & 24th, May 1st, 8th & 29th

10:00 Joy Fitness Camp
Our JoyFitness Camp is a feel good version of your favorite circuit style workout—no equipment required! Experience body weight training that feels good, but also gets you the results you’re looking for. Head home with an easy to follow 20-minute routine you can do on your own.

11:00 Aqua  Fiesta
When your body moves freely and effortlessly, it is pure joy! Add in the Latin vibe and you’ve got an aqua fiesta party! Glen Ivy’s famous aqua aerobics class has been a guest favorite for years, and they are a fun way to get fit in a gentle and supportive environment. The buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints while providing a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy upbeat music and camaraderie of friends while energizing your body, mind and spirit. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.

2:00 Kundalini Yoga
Feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed. Kundalini Yoga focuses on opening and releasing the spine and the muscles of the back, leaving you feeling energized but deeply calm and centered. Each Kundalini Yoga class concludes with a Gong Meditation to complete your descent into joy.

3:00 PiYo H2O
What do you get when you plunge pilates and yoga into a pool full of cool, refreshing water? PiYoH20! This class combines yoga and pilates inspired exercises with the healing and supportive properties of exercising in water. The result is a unique and effective total body workout. It’s a wonderful way to wind down your Glen Ivy day and head home feeling lengthened, strengthened, and in tune with your wellness.

Theta Healing
A ThetaHealing® session empowers you to live a life balanced in peace, love and harmony – a life you’ve always wanted to live but never thought possible or felt you deserved! In a safe, meditative environment, Anke will guide you through the experiences of forgiveness, acceptance, respect, and trust as you let go of feelings that no longer serve you. ThetaHealing® can release the root cause of physical, emotional, and mental pain and struggle. Fully breathe in the present moment and connect with the true essence of unconditional love, beauty and purity in this powerfully healing experience.

4.15 JoyFitness 2

Wellness Wednesday’s – April 15th & 29th, May 6th & 27th

10:00 Walking for Wellness
Walking for health and wellness is easy, safe, effective, and fun. In this class, Meg Root, our resident wellness coach, will teach you a variety of techniques that will turn your walking into a workout. Learn how to increase your speed, burn more calories, tone key areas of your body, such as abdominals and legs, and make your workout more effective and fun. You’ll also connect with the mindfulness aspects of walking by learning how to walk our beautiful Glen Ivy labyrinth. Footwear recommended.

11:00 Aqua Fit
Glen Ivy’s famous aqua aerobics class has been a guest favorite for years and is a fun way to get fit in a gentle and supportive environment. The buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints while providing a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy upbeat music and camaraderie of friends while energizing your body, mind and spirit with our low impact aerobic workout. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.

1:00 Inspired Change
We all have areas of our life we would like to change, from improving aspects of our health and wellness to setting a new course for our life or career. But oftentimes change can feel hard, confusing, or even impossible. We can easily feel stuck and overwhelmed. Join Meg Root, our resident wellness coach, to learn how to drop the struggle associated with change and infuse your journey with joy and optimism.

  • Learn why traditional strategies like S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, finding your “why,” and using willpower to change, often fall short of helping us reach our goals.
  • Replace these worn out strategies with a new, more positive approach called Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting.
  • Discover how you already have all you need to bring your dreams and aspirations to life by learning how to take inspired action.
  • Embrace your new path with positivity and confidence using Meg’s no-fail, feel-good system for making positive choices.

What are you waiting for? Spend some during your Glen Ivy day re-charting your course towards wellness success.

2:00 Yoga for Wellness
Stretch, open, relax and let go. Find joy in movement and peace in stillness with Hatha Yoga. Our certified instructors help you find the perfect practice for nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Stretching and yoga pose options are offered, tailoring the class to the level of each student. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcomed.

3:00 PiYo H2O
What do you get when you plunge pilates and yoga into a pool full of cool, refreshing water? PiYoH20! This class combines yoga and pilates inspired exercises with the healing and supportive properties of exercising in water. The result is a unique and effective total body workout. It’s a wonderful way to wind down your Glen Ivy day and head home feeling lengthened, strengthened, and in tune with your wellness.

4:00 Yoga for the Face
Here we introduce you some simple yet effective facial exercises for a lean, sculpted and younger looking face. Yes, face yoga is a promising technique that involves series of exercises which help to tone the face just like yoga for body tones and relaxes the body.

Mother’s Day at Glen Ivy

Show your Mom Some Love at Glen Ivy

Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale

$100 Glen Ivy Gift Cards on sale for $85

Purchase 3 or more and receive FREE shipping

Available April 16th through May 6th 2015

4.15 Relationships 2 

Champagne Service

Just for Mom

1 Flute of Champagne and 1 Truffle |   $10

Available May 5th while supplies last

4.15 Relationships 3 

Mudders Day Instagram Contest

Bring your mom and get her muddy

Post a picture of your muddy mom, use the hashtag #GlenIvyMuddersDay

10 moms with the most likes will win 2 admission + 2 grotto passes

Contest will run from May 4th, 2015 to May 10th, 2015 winners will be chosen May 22nd, 2015

Privacy settings must be set to public in order to be entered to win


Glen Ivy Hot Springs is renowned throughout the spa industry for the extensive training its massage therapists undergo before treating their guests. Nowhere is that more evident than in a service like the Sticks and Stones Massage, a meld of hot stone therapy and bamboo fusion massage, in which an expertly-trained therapist uses warm basalt stones and hand-carved birch wood sticks to release tension, stimulate tissue, and instill a deep sense of serenity and well-being. The service begins with warm stones, smoothed by natural forces, gliding over sore muscles while warming and relaxing tissue in preparation for more detailed bodywork. Once the muscles are warm, the therapist moves to satiny birch wood sticks of varying sizes, using them as an extension of the body, performing firm, consistent strokes, and rolling out knotted muscles like soft dough.

The Sticks and Stones Massage is ideal for individuals who crave massage pressure similar to deep tissue, but with the added benefit of warm stones and the firm, comforting touch of birch wood. The therapist’s ability to easily locate muscle tension is aided and enhanced by the solidity of the tool, allowing for firmer pressure than is possible with a thumb or forearm. The service also features the uplifting essence of PINO Lime Bamboo Oil, blended with the youth-preserving power of jojoba and coconut oils, to restore the suppleness of skin tone and revitalize the mind.

The combination created in this service is exceptionally healing…releasing tension, calming the nervous system, improving circulation, detoxifying the body, and boosting endorphins. Relax with a 50-minute massage, or melt into bliss with an 80-minute treatment, there is no way to go wrong with the Sticks and Stones Massage.

This article was contributed by Allyson Stecko; Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Employee. 

From Spa Day to Wellness Day: Take Your Glen Ivy Day to a New Level

The decision to head out the door for a Glen Ivy Day often begins with an impulse. I see it all the time as I follow the comments on our Facebook page. It’s fun to watch. We’ll post an inviting picture of the Lounge Pool, or an image of a bright, fresh salad from Café Sole. Last week, pictures of our labyrinth seemed to grab people’s attention. Before long, a flood of excited comments begins to appear, “I need a spa day!” “That looks amazing!” or a tag to a friend, “Let’s do this!”

Even without much planning, you can follow that impulse through the front entrance of the hot springs and know that wellness is in your forecast. There’s plenty of research to support that “taking in the waters,” soaking up healthy amounts of sun, and relaxing with friends in a peaceful outdoor setting all lead to feelings of increased happiness and well-being. Glen Ivy offers all those benefits–without even trying.

While there’s plenty of wellness to be had just by showing up and letting the day unfold, planning ahead can mean that you head home with more than just a healthy glow and a smile on your face.


Our Wheel of Wellness is the perfect tool for creating a life enhancing wellness day for yourself the next time you visit. Each spoke of the wheel represents a facet of your wellness, such as health and fitness, healing treatments and therapies, or increasing your knowledge to learn and grow. It then takes all the classes, activities, and experiences Glen Ivy offers and categorizes them according to their wellness benefits. Looking over the Wheel of Wellness before you arrive allows you to customize your day according your individual needs and wellness goals. If you’re feeling tired, burned out, or just plain exhausted, scheduling a restorative body treatment, walking the labyrinth, or attending a wellness workshop could help restore your body and renew your spirit. If you’re visiting to celebrate a special occasion with your BFFs, floating in the lounge pool, having fun in Club Mud together, and then sharing a yoga class toward the end of the day could be a spring board to supporting each other’s wellness when you head home.

Elevating your spa day to a wellness day is a simple 6-step process:

  • Download our Wheel of Wellness printable when you set the date for your next visit. (Or pick up an original the next time you’re here.)
  • Visit our program calendar to see what special classes and workshops are being offered.
  • Take 5 minutes to sit quietly and check in with your wellness. What’s going on in your life? How are you feeling? What programs, activities, or experiences could help move your life in the direction of wellness?
  • Create a schedule for yourself based on your needs. Consider balancing your choices to allow for a blend of active and restorative activities. Call our Reservations Department and connect with a wellness concierge to help you plan your day or schedule services.
  • Arrive early and enjoy your day at the hot springs. Be open to keeping your schedule flexible. You never know when serendipity may step in and surprise you with something new and different.
  • Reserve 15 minutes at the end of your day to check back in with yourself. How do you feel? Connect with that wellness energy. What can you take away and incorporate into your life when you get back home to stay in your wellness zone?

There’s no doubt a Glen Ivy day will leave you feeling better than when you arrived. It’s been a magical wellness destination for over 150 years. But using our Wheel of Wellness to plan ahead can take your next spa day to a whole new level. And “Elevating Life Experience”—it’s what our Glen Ivy mission is all about.

This article was contributed by Meg Root, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Wellness Coach. To read more about Meg and some of her wellness tips you can visit her website here.


Club Mud, at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, has generated an almost fanatical following of those looking to experience our healing waters along with some fun in the mud! Not only is Club Mud a blast to indulge in, it also serves as a therapy and aids in softening skin, drawing out impurities and exfoliating dead skin cells. As you know, few things take you back to younger days faster than a good frolic in the mud. In honor of NCAA’s March Madness, Glen Ivy will be celebrating with March MUDNESS!

Every morning during March, we will hide a Glen Ivy token in the Mud. Whoever finds the token will be given specific instructions to win a special prize!


Glen Ivy’s acclaimed mud is more than just fun and games, however. Red clay has been used as a purifying agent since ancient times. It draws from the pores, absorbs impurities, and releases waste and dead skin cells while tightening and revitalizing the skin. After you cover yourself with mud, you can either dry out in the sun or in the Wafa, our special drying chamber. As the mud dries, it becomes loose and powdery so you can simply brush off most of it. Come and join the MUDNESS!


Close your eyes, breathe in… Let the scent of soothing rose petals envelope you. As you begin your journey to more perfect skin, the first step primes your senses for what is to come. Your Rose Hydration facial will begin with a soothing head, neck and face massage, which will send you into a true state of bliss. This indulgent and rehydrating treatment is suitable for all skin types, as your aesthetician will assess your skin needs, then purify the skin using a Clarisonic brush, and a gentle yet effective organic cleanser selected just for you. The journey continues with a manual exfoliation, extractions and a Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask. While your mask works to heal & moisturize, enjoy a deeply relaxing hot stone massage of your neck, arms, hands and shoulders. Your treatment will also include a head massage with argan oil, to moisturize your scalp & hair. Once your Glam Glow mask is removed, your aesthetician will calm & awaken tired skin with an uplifting rose toner, and a cool stone facial massage. To finish, you will receive a Clarisonic Opal Eye Treatment that tightens, lifts, and brightens the whole eye are. When you open your eyes, your skin and mind will feel balanced, refreshed, and renewed… a true Rose experience!


The selection of activities at Glen Ivy Hot Springs serve as your resource to health, fitness, relaxation and renewal, and every month, we add and develop dynamic programming for guests to enjoy, designed to achieve a toned body and peace of mind. This month, we are proud to offer a special JoyFitness class, “The Magic of Color and Sound,” taught by Debbie Nuccio Durrough.

Based on the principal that a color or song can make you feel a certain way, the class draws from the concept that when you learn to associate color and music together you can learn a deeper sense of your feelings and be able to bring a sense of peace to your heart, body and mind. In “The Magic of Color and Sound” class, Debbie will give each student a blank canvas and water color palette, then share the meaning behind colors, working her way through the spectrum. Then a song will then be played that matches the color and its mood. The design will start to flow from your paint brush as the music is played. Whatever you are feeling will display on your canvas. As the music changes, you progress through all the colors. It is an enjoyable, emotional experience that will help you to open your heart, mind and body to be able to interpret the language and magic of color and sound.

Debbie is a Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Master Teacher, Color and Sound Therapy Practitioner/Teacher; a trained HealthRYTHMS Facilitator; a Numerologist; and Feng Shui Consultant whose passion is “with teaching and facilitating a variety of holistic alternatives that support self-empowerment, personal growth and the new interpretation of “wellness.”

For more activities, times, and special events check out our calendar, here!

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