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Water Fitness & Hydration Month

Water is one of Glen Ivy’s most important components. From the 19 pools, all filled with healing hot spring water, natural sulfur, or saline (so skin is constantly being pampered) and the aerobic water activities offered daily, to the water stations placed around the grounds so that guests stay hydrated, H2O isn’t something we take lightly! Our selection of classes and activities at Glen Ivy Hot Springs serve as your resource to health, fitness, relaxation and renewal, and together with healing waters from the earth, restorative treatments, healthful cuisine, and a connection with nature, combine to create what is known as “The Glen Ivy Experience.” Our water-based classes provide a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels, while the buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints. Some additional benefits of water exercise include:

  • Increased muscle strength, posture and balance.
  • Enhanced sense of wellbeing, mood and sleep quality.
  • Greater mobility and flexibility of joints.
  • Improved endurance and fitness.
  • Eases stiff joints and relaxes sore muscles.
  • Reduced pain and fatigue.

Our classes include:

Aqua Fit – Glen Ivy’s most famous aqua aerobics class has been a guest favorite for years and is a fun way to get fit in a gentle and supportive environment.

Aqua Zumba® – Fitness with a splash!  Aqua Zumba® is a high-energy, low-impact aquatic exercise class that blends Zumba® philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, for a workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning and most of all, fun!

And don’t forget to stay hydrated! We all know that drinking water is important for good health, so why not jazz up your water with fruit, herbs, and spices? Bring the spa home with you by trying out the below recipes:

Watermelon Basil Water

  • 1 1/2 cups of seedless watermelon, cubed
  • Ten to 12 basil leaves
  • One half gallon of water

Pour water over melon and basil. Refrigerate for two hours and then serve over ice, garnished with a sprig of basil.

Citrus Cucumber Water

  • One large lemon, sliced
  • One large lime, sliced
  • One large orange, sliced
  • One large cucumber, sliced
  • One half gallon of water

Place all fruits and vegetables in a glass pitcher and add water. Allow to infuse for two hours before serving over ice.

Global Wellness Day is June 11th!

Saturday, June 11th is on the international calendar as a day to recognize and celebrate the value of living well and engaging in activities that enhance our health and well-being. After all, what could be more important?

That was the question that inspired GWD founder, Belgin Aksoy, to begin this not-for-profit wellness movement three years ago.

“The fundamental purpose of the day is to make us aware of the value of our lives, even if it’s just for one day of the year, to make us stop and think, to get away from the stress of daily living and our bad habits, and thereby find peace with ourselves.”

Aksoy is also passionate about sharing the message that spas are more than places for pampering and weight loss. We are too! Destinations like Glen Ivy provide unique wellness experiences that invite you to step off the fast track long enough to take a few deep consecutive breaths and reconnect with what feeling good feels like.


With that in mind, let’s celebrate GWD together! We’d love to invite you to head to the hot springs on Saturday, June 11th and take advantage of all the wellness we have to offer. (Check out our activities calendar here.)

Glen Ivy GWD Workshops and Classes Saturday, June 11th

 11AM – 1PM Global Wellness #Hashtag Photobooth 

11AM Aqua Fit

12 – 3PM Sudsy Mud (Club Mud)

1PM Tai Chi and Sound Healing

2PM Hatha Yoga

3PM Aqua Fit

Find Wellness at Glen Ivy 

With Spring’s official arrival, it’s important to look and feel your best! Treat yourself to the ultimate spa day and pre-book our Total Wellness Package. For $155 Monday -Friday and $175 Saturday-Sunday, you will receive Taking the Waters admission, a 50-minute massage, facial, or body treatment of your choice, Grotto treatment, and one of our daily wellness activities! Whether you are seeking a relaxing day, or a health and beauty transformation, we offer each guest the ability to create their own personal wellness day.  Enjoy the 19 pools and spas or embark on a personal wellness journey by participating in one of our many activities we offer throughout your day of wellness at Glen Ivy.

Need a positive boost? Glen Ivy’s resident wellness coach Meg Root is offering coaching sessions for those who need a little affirmation. Her one-hour personalized coaching sessions are designed to help create clarity and positive energy, create wellness goals, and identify simple, doable and effective action steps to help you reach goals and get back to living your life in the best possible ways.

What to Expect From Your Wellness Coaching Session

Meg’s coaching sessions are highly interactive. They begin with focused time listening to your story and where you feel most challenged in your life and wellness. Be sure to spend some quiet time ahead of your session considering what areas of your wellness most need your attention right now. Each session then engages you in a wellness “exercise” so that you return home with a practical, feel-good plan for moving your wellness goals forward.


Release any fear or negativity around making time for yourself and your wellness. Meg will show you how the process of reclaiming your best life can feel good!

Coaching Session Descriptions

We’re all at different places on our wellness journey. The sessions below are designed to meet you where you are and then go from there. You can choose a direction from the descriptions below, or Meg can easily personalize your session based on your needs and where you feel you most need guidance.

Your Wellness Compass

There’s good news! You already have all you need to feel your best and live your best life. Your Wellness Compass session reconnects you with the wise, intuitive, and empowered energy of your “well-self.” Once you have that energy, confidence, and power back, setting a positive course for success is easy. You will leave this session with a clear, colorful, wellness compass to guide your day-to-day journey back to wellness.

Take Back Your Life!

Your wellness and life’s purpose can easily become lost or buried under the myriad roles you play in your life; wife, partner, mom, daughter, friend, employee. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question, “What happened to me?” or “What’s next on the horizon?” Why not reclaim your wellness with this Take Back Your Life! session? Identify what eats up your precious time and energy, reconnect with what makes you feel happy and well, then head home with a practical feel-good path for living your best life.

Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting

Goals are important! They give life meaning and energy, and make our hopes and dreams come alive. But goals are also scary, overwhelming, and elusive! We set them and too often forget them. Meg’s Inspired G.O.A.L. Setting session uses the empowered energy of your “well-self” to help you get clear about your path and energize your actions for guaranteed success. There’s a lot about traditional goal setting that gets turned upside down in this session. Be prepared!

How To Book a Coaching Session with Meg

Contact (951) 277-3529 ext. 1309


Single 1-Hour Session: $75

New Year! New You Package

$125 and includes a 1-Hour Session with Meg, Grotto Body Treatment, Lunch and your Taking the Waters admission.

*Scheduling is based on availability and is only offered Monday through Friday starting February 1st, 2016

Find The Joy in Fitness Again


We can all agree that moving our bodies more is one of the best things we can do for our wellness, right? But oftentimes, that’s as far as our consensus goes. While some people love to exercise and find it easy and enjoyable to carve out gym time in their day, many of us feel just the opposite. To this subset, exercise feels hard, painful and let’s be honest—b.o.r.i.n.g!

Not so at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Our JoyFitness program is all about adding the joy back into exercise. When movement feels good, we are more likely to look forward to doing it, and water provides the perfect medium for getting back into the exercise groove. Our signature aqua classes, including Aqua Fit, Aqua Yoga, and PiYoH20, combine the supportive environment of the water with fun and energizing formats suitable for all fitness levels.

The same is true for our land based wellness programming. Each day we offer a variety of fitness and mind body classes such as Morning Core Stretch, HoopFit, Tai Chi, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga classes, and Gong Meditation. Classes are held on our beautiful activities deck overlooking the labyrinth, providing the perfect peaceful setting for reconnecting with what is truly important to you about your health and wellness.

The healing waters of the hot springs have been the main attraction for wellness seekers for over 155 years (oh, and the nachos too!). But now, our JoyFitness program gives you another reason to step out of your busy life and head to the hot springs for a feel good fitness experience. Visit the activities calendar on our website when you’re planning your next visit, and be sure to arrive early for check in. While loose, breathable clothing will make your fitness experience more comfortable, it is not mandatory. JoyFitness is all about come as you are, move in a way that feels good, and just enJOY the life affirming gift of movement.


Wellness Wednesdays and Fun Fitness Fridays at Glen Ivy

Spring into Wellness with Our Specialty Days!

Does the warmer weather have you sitting at your desk dreaming of spa days, beach trips, and vacation time? I know it does for me! The good news is, summer is just around the corner and flip-flops are in your future.

That’s why we’re ramping up our wellness programming for the month of May. We want to help you look and feel your best when summer arrives, and there’s no time like the present to get started. Wellness Wednesdays (May 6th and 27th) and Fun Fitness Fridays (May 1st, 8th, and 29th) will feature a variety of workshops and fitness classes to get your mind and body primed for positive change—and bathing suit season, of course.

My newest wellness workshop, “Inspired Change,” will introduce you to a feel-good, no-fail way to follow through on your wellness goals and intentions. I’m also excited to teach the first ever Glen Ivy Walking for Wellness workshop. I have been sharing my love of fitness walking for over 25 years, and have some fun and effective strategies for turning your walking into a challenging beach body workout.

Fitness Blog

Our specialty days will also feature a few new additions to our Joy Fitness class schedule:

  • PiYoH20: Try a fun twist on pilates and yoga when we plunge these two favorites into the pool.
  • JoyFitness Camp: If you prefer a more traditional approach to getting your body in shape for the beach, this class will show you how to use simple body weight exercises to target key areas and get the results you want.
  • Yoga For the Face: Yes, you read that right. This class will introduce you to a series of effective exercises to keep your facial muscles toned and supple–and you, looking and feeling your best!

Of course we’ll also be offering our Glen Ivy favorites, Aqua Fit and Yoga on the activities deck, to round out the day.

Maybe you never followed through on your New Year’s resolution to get in shape before summer. No worries! It’s nothing a Glen Ivy wellness day in May can’t fix. Visit our activities calendar to learn more details about these new offerings. You can also read up on how to Elevate Your Spa Day to a Wellness Day, in a post from last month’s newsletter. It shares some great tips for planning your perfect day at the hot springs.

What do you say? Will you join us and let us help you get your wellness on track for a fabulous summer ahead? We’d love to see you here. Who’s in?

This article was contributed by Meg Root; Fitness and Wellness Expert at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.


Yoga that Fits!

This September, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is supporting and joining in the festivities of National Yoga Month. Yoga and the Hot Springs seem to be a natural pairing; both have been resources for wellness of body, mind and spirit for centuries gone by, and both pair health and well being with a good measure of fun. Each also carries an air of mystery to those who haven’t taken the time to experience them.  I can recall as a child growing up in the early 1970’s my first exposure to yoga.  My mother used to watch and practice hatha yoga with Lillias on PBS.  At that time, yoga was new to the western world; very few had heard of an asana or been introduced to a form of exercise that focused on the mind as much as the body.  We have come a long way since that time, and it is rare to hear of any yoga class classified under the general term “hatha yoga.”  Hatha practice actually refers to the physical practice of yoga, as yoga can also be practiced through breath work, meditation or various spiritual practices. As yoga practice has grown in popularity throughout the world, we have discovered the many different styles and approaches that fall under the umbrella of hatha yoga.  If you are new to yoga or if you are a long-time student looking to change or deepen your practice, the vast number of class choices can be quite intimidating and confusing.  The following guide will help you to find the style of yoga that fits your lifestyle and goals.

This article was contributed by Seraphina Ashe, Guest Experience Programming Director at Glen Ivy Hot Springs 

Yoga Blog

Ananda:  Emphasis on Meditation
A gentle practice that combines awareness of the breath with affirmations.  As the student moves through the yoga postures, the focus moves from body awareness to a meditative inner awareness.  The use of affirmations with yoga postures is unique to Ananda yoga.

Anahata:  Connect
This practice combines physical practice with breathing exercise and meditation to help students connect with and expand their heart.

Anusara:  Heart Centered
A relatively new style of yoga started in 1997 by American John Friend.  While alignment is stressed, the main focus is honoring each individual student’s abilities and limitations.  While asanas, (poses), focus on opening the heart area by properly aligning the shoulders, this practice also stresses compassion and respect for all individuals.

Astanga:  Power
A fast-paced, physically demanding series of sequential poses beginning with sun salutation.  The continual flow of movement is linked with the breath.  The focus of this practice is to build physical strength, stamina and flexibility.  Not for beginners.

Bikram:  Sweat, sweat, sweat!
The founder of this style of yoga, Bikram Choudhury, holds the patent on a specific sequence of yoga poses practiced in a room heated from 85 to 100 degrees.  The flow of the same 26 poses in combination with heat is said to facilitate deep detoxification.  Not for beginners.

Integral:  Relaxation, breath, healing
The developer of this style of yoga taught crowds at the original Woodstock to chant “om” for peace.  Integral yoga focuses on pranayama, or breathing techniques, and meditation as much as it does physical postures.  Dr. Dean Ornish utilizes Integral yoga as part of his groundbreaking treatment to reverse heart disease.

Iyengar:  Alignment
The use of props, straps, blocks and blankets help each student achieve proper alignment and symmetry in each asana or pose.  In an Iyengar class, students can expect to hold each pose a little longer than in other classes.  A very good class to learn the proper way to do each asana or pose.  Because props and other tools are utilized to achieve proper alignment, this is a good class for any level.

Jivamukti:  Balance
Jivamukti balances an active, vigorous practice with an emphasis on meditation and chanting.

Kundalini:  Awakening Energy
This type of yoga focuses on releasing kundalini energy, which is stored at the base of the spine.  Although this yoga emphasizes chants and breathing along with physical postures, the focus on releasing the spine is key for those with back pain or stiffness.  Make sure your Kundalini instructor is properly trained in the practice.

Laughter Yoga:  Goodbye Stress!
Combines unconditional laughter with pranayama (breathing exercises).

Power Yoga:  Challenging
A derivative of Ashtanga Yoga, this is a physically demanding, vigorous practice that focuses on building muscle and stamina.  Not for beginners.

Viniyoga:  Gentle Flow
A gentle form of flow yoga that coordinates breath with movement.  The pace of the flow sequence is slower and performed to the level of the student.  Very good for beginners.

Yin Yoga:  Deep Stretch
Yin Yoga allows the student to move deeply in to each stretch by passively holding each pose for several minutes.  Props, blocks and blankets may be used to assist in the passive stretch.

 Yoga Blog2




Fitness can be FUN!

Let’s face it, working out is not enjoyable (well for most people), especially when you are planning on enjoying a relaxing day at the spa. You may think it seems strange to take time out of your day of pampering and relaxation to engage yourself into an activity that involves the word “fitness,” but that’s the great part about JoyFitness classes. They are FUN and they don’t seem like fitness at all!

If you haven’t tried the Hoop Fit JoyFitness class yet, then you should make a point to try it now! The Hoop Fit class does not seem like a workout at all because it is so much FUN! You may have forgotten how entertaining and carefree it could be to hula hoop. The benefit now is that you can burn up to 400 calories in 1 hour of hooping and it doesn’t even feel like work!


Blog HoopTo start the class everyone grabs a slightly weighted hoop and the stretching begins. This is essential to any workout, especially if you have been enjoying a relaxing float in the lounge pool beforehand. Who knew you could use your hoop to stretch? The instructor will show you different ways to stretch, like lifting the hoop above your head and leaning it backwards to help to open your heart; you can also use the hoop to help hold your balance while stretching your hamstrings. After the warm up you learn different ways to move the hoop around your body.

First, you’ll start with the basic hula hoop moves. There are 2 different stances that you learn. You’ll spin the hoop in the direction that you feel comfortable as you try to keep it moving. Just when you get the hang of it, you’ll change the direction of the hoop to work out the muscles on the opposite side of your body and you’ll quickly realize that this is actually hard work and it feels awkward! Just keep moving! It takes time to get use to the movement but that’s the fun in it. Just when you think you got it, it changes up on you. When you learn the different stances and get comfortable with that, you’ll learn to walk with the hoop while it moves around your waist and it is pretty tricky.

blog Hoop2

After learning the basics of moving the hoop and walking with the hoop then you’ll start to learn how to do fun tricks like spinning it over your head and bringing it back down to your waist, grabbing the hoop behind you and bringing it up over your head, or spinning the hoop below your waist and trying to keep it there so it doesn’t fall to the floor. You may not be a pro at any of these things, you may not be able to even keep the hoop up in the traditional stance, but that’s the fun in this class, you just keep moving and trying and everyone is there to have fun. At the end of the class you can free style and do whatever you want while moving with music. Enjoy a laugh with your friends, laugh at yourself and just simply have fun while working out without even knowing that you’re burning calories.

Hoops can be purchased at www.hoopnautica.com

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