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Warm Welcome to Chef Vincent Cavalli

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is very happy to announce the arrival of our new Executive Chef Vincent Cavalli. Cavalli, who most recently served as the Executive Chef at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Conference Center in Pomona, has recently assumed the role of Executive Chef at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. He began his passion for food at a very young age helping his grandmother prepare fresh pasta and sauce for family dinners. As a teenager, he started working in the restaurant scene as a dishwasher on the east coast and as his passion for food grew, he also grew in the restaurant industry working in all facets of the restaurant business. After high school, he had the privilege of working in the great restaurants of both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This led him to work for respectable restaurateurs such as Thomas Keller, Piero Selvaggio and Luis Osteen, where he developed his culinary skills at world-class restaurants.

vinnyThrough his journey, an appreciation for farm fresh produce and heritage cooking was developed, which brought him to the Sheraton Fairplex. While at the Sheraton, which catering services the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, he managed culinary activities and wine programming for his own five acre organic, sustainable farm.

GOCO Hospitality Corporate General Manager, Clive McNish welcomes Chef Vincent Cavalli to the Hot Springs, “I am impressed with how Chef Cavalli sources local fresh, sustainable produce daily including fruit harvested from the Glen Ivy Farm to create a delicious, healthy seasonal menu.”

In honor of our new Twilight hours, Executive Chef Vincent Cavalli has created a new menu for our guests to enjoy Thursday through Saturday from 5-9pm.


New menu items include:

Oven Roasted Chicken Nachos

Blue corn chips stacked with oven roasted chicken, Monterey jack cheese, avocado tomatillo salsa, black bean relish, yogurt dressing, cilantro, and green onions 

Mezze Plate

Za’tar grilled summer squashes, hummus and tabbouleh served with fresh grilled house flat bread, and oil cured olives 

Grilled Stuffed Avocado

Grilled Glen Ivy pinkerton avocado, smoked pittman’s chicken, pickled Bermuda onion-corn relish, and agave 

Blackened Albacore Tuna

Togarashi seared albacore tuna, farm star ruby grapefruit, pinkerton avocado, campus mint and roasted tomatillo

Funky Cheese Plate

Assortment of California cheeses, pickled Glen ivy apricot, honey comb, grilled spelt flat bread

NY Maple Cured Salmon Carpaccio

Maple cured skuna bay salmon, lacinato kale-pickled farm apricot, and chive-yogurt dressing

A Variety of Grilled Flat Breads

Kicked Up Margharita, Glen Ivy Smoked Chicken, So-Cal Seasonal and Flat Bread Salad

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns and Spaghetti

Stewed local tomato, Thai basil, grilled Santa Barabara Spot Prawn, chili, extra virgin olive oil


Total Wellness Package

With spring around the corner, it’s important to look and feel your best! Treat yourself to the ultimate spa day and pre-book our Total Wellness Package. For $155 Monday -Friday and $175 Saturday-Sunday, you will receive Taking the Waters admission, a 50-minute massage, facial, or body treatment of your choice, Grotto treatment, and one of our daily wellness activities!


Whether you are seeking a relaxing day, or a health and beauty transformation, we offer each guest the ability to create their own personal wellness day.  Enjoy the 19 pools and spas or embark on a personal wellness journey by participating in one of our many activities we offer throughout your day at Glen Ivy.

(Package is available February 1st through April 30th, excluding February 12th through February 15th and March 19th through April 3rd. Cannot be combined with any other offers.)

Quesadillas with Attitude

One of the more rewarding experiences of my culinary life or life in general is watching individual growth. In the dog days of summer in 2008, when I first came on board the kitchen at Glen Ivy I was truly amazed at how little all the kitchen staff understood about a commercial kitchen, although over half of the original kitchen staff were alumni of Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena or L.A. After some weeding out there was one cook that stood out, not because of her over the top skills, but because of her professionalism and passion and hunger for information. She had a strong willingness to learn and almost asking for more instruction. Kathy Rodriguez was like a sponge. Each and every time I spoke to her or someone else in her presence, she would break out the pen and pad and scribble notes. She was intent to ask intelligent questions and never shirk my demands. Kathy is a very hard working smart cook and her question, “Why” at every turn is what is going to bring her to the top. Her presence of family values and wonderful personality always brings attention in a positive way. Kathy has worked alongside me for 5 years and rose through the ranks climbing the culinary ladder from Cook II, Cook I, First Cook and Sous Chef. I pushed Kathy very hard knowing she had it in her to reach for the gold ring. And yes, there were some tough learning times and some misty eyes, but Kathy stayed the course.

Kitchens are organized chaos where cooking is just a part of a chef’s duties. It is a symphony of hot pots and pans, sharp knives with cooks and wait staff moving about at a quick pace with one goal in mind, serving our guests. The kitchen is a place that must be orchestrated with a tough fine hand so our guest can be served, as best as possible. As time passed, Kathy just improved in every area. Kathy developed so well she was my choice to run the kitchens at EDL, our demanding owner group, and in charge of feeding their community from November of 2011 to January of 2013.













In the fall of 2013, Kathy had told me she and one of my former cooks, Dru Cayabyab, were thinking of trying out for a food truck face off show with The Food Network. She coined her want to-be food truck team “The QuesaDivas” doing gourmet quesadillas. I thought it was genius and told her that her personality, as well as Dru’s, was a perfect fit. As a former Food Network chef, she asked questions and I offered some pointers, but Kathy’s culinary knowledge, personality and inviting pretty smile will prevail. And Prevail they did, winning the whole enchilada or quesadilla, I should say. Their food looked amazing and it is a matter of time when Kathy will be out of my shadow and casting a big shadow for herself. You have grown a great deal my friend. I am so very proud of Kathy and Dru for where they have come. It’s a far cry from our first encounter. I am also happy for Kathy’s family. They are a very close supporting loving family.

– Cafe Sole, Chef Bill Wavrin












Quesadillas with Attitude

Winners of Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off! The Official QuesaDivas Food Truck.
Follow us and become a Diva yourself!
Instagram: @quesadivas
Email[email protected]

 The Lux Quesadilla Recipe  via Food Network – Food Truck Face Off

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