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There’s a Bluebird on my shoulder…

Connecting with nature and inviting ourselves to interact with some of the elements that the Santa Ana Mountain range provides for us is just one of the many reasons that Glen Ivy is such a unique place to visit. Walking through the spa is just like going on a nature walk, at any given moment you can see many different plant, animal and bird species.

One such bird species that you may be familiar with is the Bluebird. At any given time you may just see a Western Bluebird flying overhead. They have made their nests throughout the trees and in nest boxes across the spa. A popular “hangout” for these lovely creatures is behind the scenes of Glen Ivy perched up in an old oak tree above the picnic tables where employees can eat their lunches. At any given time you can spot a Bluebird stealing crumbs from the tables below and flying back to the tree to enjoy their meal.

Bluebirds are not only exquisite to look at but they also bring a special meaning with them. Bluebirds carry the symbol of happiness with them that can be found in many cultures and dates back thousands of years. This meaning can also be heard in songs like “Over the Rainbow” from the “Wizard of Oz” or the Disney song, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” and can also be seen in movies and television. So as you look into the trees on your next visit, and you see that familiar looking Bluebird flying above take that as a sign of a great day and happiness ahead!


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