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Mineral Baths

Glen Ivy’s renowned geothermal mineral baths hover at a 104°. The mineral waters absorb into skin, imparting warmth to soothe aching joints and muscles. You will also notice the sulfur-like odor emanating from the waters due to the concentration of Sodium Sulfate in addition to small Calcium deposits which are occur naturally. Rest assured, the waters come directly out of the earth in this form and our mineral bath are circulated every 10 minutes to a holding pond reserve.
We encourage you to stay hydrated while you take the waters and limit your soaking time to short intervals. For your safety and wellbeing, we recommend consulting your personal physician before your visit if you are expecting or have any health concerns. As well, we advise to leave jewelry at home as the naturally occurring minerals may cause them to tarnish.

Here is an analysis of Glen Ivy’s mineral water:
Element Milligrams/Liter
Sodium Chloride 14.8 mg/L
Calcium Carbonate 25.6 mg/L
Sodium Sulfate 123 mg/L
Sodium Carbonate 41.3 mg/L
Calcium 10.3 mg/L
Sodium 70.0 mg/L
Fluoride 3.13 mg/L
Total Dissolved Solids 216 mg/L
pH Level 9.44

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