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Our Saunas

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is excited to announce that brand new saunas have been added to our facility. Both of the saunas are Klafs designed out of Germany and  have Nabachy wood for the guests to sit. The heaters are located under the seating areas to allow for an even distribution of heat throughout the sauna as the heat funnels up the chimney-like back and flows throughout.

The heat is a dry heat kept between 145 and 155 degrees.  It is recommended to enjoy the Dry Saunas for approximately 15 minutes and then cool down.  There are sand timers in the saunas to help guest know how much time they have spent.  The timers are attached to the wall and spin to start the flow of the sand as in an egg timer.

The saunas have a two-seat staircase design so that those guests that like a higher temperature may sit on the upper tier and those that are less tolerant and can enjoy the lower tier.

The Sauna on the right is made out of Aspen wood, has a fresh meadow scent and dark tile on the floor entrance.

The Sauna on the left is made from Canadian Hemlock wood, has a fresh mint scent and a light floor tile.



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