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Wheel of Wellness

The Glen Ivy Experience is about embracing a lifestyle of wellbeing that will lead you on a joyful path to continued health and happiness. Join us in celebrating this lifestyle and together we will continue to nurture a more vibrant and healthier community of individuals, elevating life experience for all.

We hope the Glen Ivy Experience will inspire an approach to personal health that comes with the integration of certain timeless values can be found on our Wheel of Wellness:

  • Connecting with nature – Being green is a way of life at Glen Ivy. We believe that the preservation of our Earth today will bring healthy benefits for all generations tomorrow.
  • Healing treatments and therapies – In addition to the numerous therapeutic pools to experience at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, we also offer a variety of healing treatments and therapies such as massage, facial and nail care services.
  • Taking time for good food – At Glen Ivy you’ll find a healthy selection of locally-sourced food and refreshments that are both nourishing and delicious.
  • Keeping our bodies healthy and fit – Live and be well with classes at Glen Ivy Hot Springs where we believe that health, wellness and fitness can bring more joy to your life.
  • Nurturing relationships – Whether you come to celebrate with friends or just to get away and reconnect with yourself, we welcome you to a day of relaxation and renewal to help you discover how live your best life.
  • Finding a deeper sense of wellbeing – Nature’s beauty combined with healing waters from the earth, healthful cuisine, and a selection of classes and activities that serve as your resource.
  • Knowledge to learn and grow – Discover and explore your surroundings and the opportunities to learn, stretch and grow.

We invite you to tune out the noise and stress of daily life and find a deeper sense of wellbeing by taking a walk through our Labyrinth. This ancient tradition is a metaphor for your journey through life. Your venture into the labyrinth represents your life’s journey to discover your true self.



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