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Wellness Class Instructors

The Wellness Team believes that living a healthy, fit life can – and should – be joyful, meaningful and fun. We stand for fitness classes that are effective and help you to meet your goals, but still leave you smiling. We accept as true that fitness should fit your lifestyle, your body type, your schedule and, most importantly, what you find enjoyable.

Wellness classes at Glen Ivy offers a way to change the way you think about being healthy and fit. Our class offerings encompass a holistic approach to wellness: body, mind and spirit. From Aqua Fit to Tai Chi to yoga, gardening, art or meditation, our instructors strive to support you in creating an experience that enriches your life and makes you feel good about stretching the boundaries of your mind and body.


Meg Root

Meg has over 25 years experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in the spa industry. As a frequent contributor to Glen Ivy’s fitness blog, Meg finds joy in making fitness fun and accessible to everyone. Meg enjoys offering fitness and wellness tips that can easily be integrated in daily life. Her passion is to help each person find a path to fitness and wellness that is fun and helps to enhance their daily life. In Meg’s words, “I love watching people connect with how movement and exercise can be enjoyable, feel good, and have a positive impact on their wellbeing.”

Craig Phillips

Craig has been teaching Tai Chi, Qigong and the martial arts for over 11 years. He is an ordained Interfaith Minister, having graduated from The New Seminary in New York City. In the 30 years that Craig has been practicing and teaching meditation, he has found joy in exploring different paths and studying with a variety of teachers, including the Dalai Lama. Craig’s passion is to share the beneficial practice of Tai Chi and Qigong with others. He says, “The practice of Tai Chi and Qigong for me is like joy in motion. The fulfillment I receive in teaching others these ancient arts is watching them be able to let go of stress and become aware of the present moment, as they relax into their bodies. It is my deepest wish that every person who practices with me will be able to take at least one technique with them that will bring more peace, vitality, and joy into their lives.”

Jenny Kao

Jenny Kao, a native of Taiwan, has practiced yoga, meditation and healing for many years. She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and a certified Gong healer. Her passion is teaching Kundalini Yoga, giving Gong Immersion sessions and bringing love, peace and light to the world. During her daily spiritual practice she enjoys meditating on the Sun which brings her happiness and joy. She enjoys how it connects her to her higher self and opens her heart. Jenny’s class focus on the use of the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga to release muscle tension, strengthen the immune & nervous system, create balance, and build inner peace within the body and mind. Jenny’s classes lead her students on the path to joy through an energetic yoga set, work with various breath and movement, healing sound current, savasana (Gong relaxation) and meditation.

Georgiana Coogler

Georgianna Coogler, often referred to as Gigi, is a 32 year veteran of the fitness and spa industry.  Gigi finds joy in the celebration of life and health. So often we pay attention to the parts of our body That hurt or are in pain, while neglecting to show appreciation for the parts of my body that are functioning well. Finding something to celebrate and appreciate every moment is the key to a happy healthy life! Sharing joy is Gigi’s highest joy.

Gigi is a certified yoga specialist and a professional dance teacher. She promotes the balance between fun creative movement and peaceful stillness which brings lasting joy

Kiyomi Kajiyama

Kiyomi is a Certified Qigong Instructor, Certified AromaTouch Bodyworker, Qigong Energy Healer & Essential Oils Teacher. She has been practicing Qigong & Meditation since 2003. Through daily practice, she has experienced higher energy levels, a faster metabolism & deeper intuition.  Her  passion for teaching grows as she witnesses her students becoming more empowered. Watching them tap into the skill of healing themselves on all levels brings her pure joy.

Kiyomi is blessed to have studied with high-level masters. She practices Spring Forest Qigong (Master Chunyi Lin), Universal Healing Tao (with Grand Master Mantak Chia) and Wu Dang Qigong (with Master Zhou Ting-Jue). In 2012 she became certified to teach Qigong (levels 1, 2, 3 & Food-Based Healing) through Supreme Science Qigong Center.

Lorelei Sprott

Lorelei Sprott has over 40 years in the Industry has combined the Principles of Hydro-tone, the Fieldenkrais Method and the Alexander Technique to create Aqua-Tone.  Using the resistance of the water and specially designed Hydro-tone Bells.  Aqua-tone incorporates Hydrodynamics – how the water responds to the users movements, both slow and rapid.  Creating the added synergy of how the mind-body and spirit benefits from not only a robust session but one that is packed full of FUN! Connect with your core in a way that is easy on the back, hips and knees.  Safe for all fitness levels, enjoyed by men and women alike and recently was offered at UNLV until her relocation to California.  This is an exclusive method brought to you here at Glen Ivy.  She is a Level III Hydro-tone Trainer, Certified N.C.C.P.T (personal Training) and has personally been mentored by Jack La Lane, Mike Sable (VP P.R.O.P.T.A) and Dan Solloway PhD (Inventor of Hydro-tone) just to name a few.  As well as Being a certified Special Olympics Coach and Equine Facilitated Therapist.

Pamela Miller Shults

Pamela Miller Shults is a Certified RYT500 Yoga Instructor honored by The National Yoga Alliance.  She was certified through Namaste International by Irene Beer, a student of the late Vanda Scaravelli.  She also earned Yoga For The Special Child Certification through Sonia Sumer of Vancouver.  Pam has taught yoga for 24 years to typical students, hospital staff, Special Needs, Special Populations and participated in a three year study on “The Effects of Yoga on Cancer Survivors Sleep Patters” through the University of Rochester Wilmot Cancer Center, NIH and National Cancer Institute.  She has studied yoga for 23 years in Los Angeles and with Fred Dowd of The Dallas Yoga Center, a student of BKS Iyengar.