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Wellness Class Descriptions

When you hear the word fitness what comes to mind? For too many of us a negative image arises – one of boring, difficult or exhausting workouts that feel more like a chore than a way to create a happier, healthier life. Wellness classes at Glen Ivy offers a way to change the way you think about being healthy and fit.

Most classes are free with admission!

Aqua Fit

The buoyant and resistive properties of the water ease stress on the joints while providing a safe and challenging workout for all fitness levels. Enjoy upbeat music and camaraderie of friends while energizing your body, mind and spirit with our low impact aerobic workout. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.

Aqua Zumba®

Fitness with a splash!  Aqua Zumba® is a high-energy, low-impact aquatic exercise class that blends Zumba® philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, and for a workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning and most of all, fun!

Aqua Tone

Aqua-Tone is a unique blend of Hydro-tone an Olympic and Pro system of weight lifting in the pool.  A scientific and therapeutically based program using Hydro-tone bells and/or aqua-jogger that incorporates the benefits of training in the water, HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) Tai Chi, Pilates, Boxing and core exercise, in conjunction with the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Techniques.

Aqua-Tone is a results driven program that will leave you feeling great and wanting more. Just look at the benefits!

  • Helps with Anxiety and Stress
  • Better flexibility
  • Stronger Muscles and increased Balance
  • Increased Neuro-Motor and Neuro-Muscular Function
  • Up to 20% better Oxygen in the Blood benefitting the heart and lungs
  • Weight Loss
  • Sculpting, more Symmetry in Muscle Definition
  • Great for Pre and Post Surgery workouts
  • Excellent for those with back, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle issues
  • You can’t overheat, your body stays cooler
  • The fear of falling while exercising is removed

Please see the Personal Wellness Coaching and Classes tab for details and how to schedule your one-on-one Session.

Tai Chi / Qigong

Based on the ancient principles of Yin/Yang theory, the simple and gentle movements of Tai Chi / Qigong bring increased energy (qi), vitality and a tranquil state of mind. This practice is a wonderful compliment to the spa experience, in that is easy to do, relaxes the body and mind and will heighten the sense of peace that one feels while enjoying a day at the spa. Tai Chi / Qigong does not have any physical demands and can be practiced by everyone, no matter age or fitness level.

Hatha Yoga

Stretch, open, relax and let go. Find joy in movement and peace in stillness with Hatha Yoga. Our certified instructors help you find the perfect practice for nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Stretching and yoga pose options are offered, tailoring the class to the level of each student. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcomed.


Who said fitness couldn’t be fun? Build a strong core, improve coordination and balance, increase stamina and burn up 200-400 calories in 30 minutes – and have a blast doing it! Join us for Hoop Fit! No experience is necessary and hoops are provided.

Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation

Feel refreshed, renewed and relaxed. Kundalini Yoga focuses on opening and releasing the spine and the muscles of the back, leaving you feeling energized but deeply calm and centered. Each Kundalini Yoga class concludes with a Gong Meditation to complete your descent into joy.

Empowered Wellness: Your Best Life Is Waiting for You!

We often have the best intentions when it comes to setting wellness goals or living a happy, healthy, purpose-filled life. Then life interrupts, and our best-laid plans head right out the window. It can easily leave us feeling we have “no choice” in how our days or lives play out.

Empowered Wellness is about re-connecting with the strong, intuitive side of yourself, and using that wisdom to power your day-to-day lifestyle choices.

  • Rediscover your “well-self” and what you value in life and wellness.
  • Identify the choices you make on a daily basis that empower you toward happier, healthier outcomes.
  • Learn to recognize and change course around the choices that don’t serve you.
  • Head home with an easy, feel-good system for staying on a positive path.

Take your wellness to a new and EMOWERED LEVEL in 2017! Join Meg Root, our resident wellness expert, for this fun, interactive, and feel-good workshop.

The Art & Color of Sound

Join us and PLAY with Water Colors while experiencing all the COLORS of the RAINBOW through a Fun and Empowering Exercise with Music and Water Colors.  The Colors and the Music can help you awaken or enhance your creativity, passion, and joy!