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Women’s Awareness and Self Defense

December 11, 2015 @ 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm

“Do you walk, drive, shop?  In a hurry, on the run, not as focused as if you wanted to be?  Are you aware of your surroundings?  Remember how valuable you are!   Come and relax in an open environment and learn some tips of safety.  Your safety and well-being is our #1 priority.  Learn personal safety tips every women should know”.

  • Awareness-Be aware of your surroundings is the most important thing.
  • Limit cell phone use in public-Limit your distractions, however, have 911 available for immediate assistance.
  • Make eye contact-Know matter how you feel, always give eye contact, polite nod, make the person know that you are aware of them.
  • Walk with confidence.  Do not look down!  Keep posture straight.  Make this a habit!
  • Trust your instinct!  Listen to that inner voice and don’t ignore it.
  • How should I carry my purse?  Strap over opposite shoulder.  Shopping cart, if you have to…tie the child’s seat belt inner locking your purse.  Better yet, purchase a carabiner.
  • What is your #1 protection ?  Vocal cords.
  • Wearing ear plugs in public…should I?  Not really, if you have to, keep one plug out.
  • What should I do before I get into my car?  Look underneath your car and in the back seat before entering.  Especially at night, if someone is in their car, enter the opposite side to get in.
  • How can I protect my home from break- ins without an alarm system?  Sticks in windows, keys by your bed stand (press the panic button).
  • What should I do if I am attacked?  ESCAPE.  Run away in a zig- zag formation, yell for help, throw a rock through a store or car window. If the criminal is after your purse, throw it in the opposite direction.  Never get into the predator car or alley.
  • Should I fight back?  Yes.  Statistics show that you are far better off fighting back.  Do not worry about upsetting the attacker.  Eyes, nose, groin.
  • Pepper Spray-Is this really helpful?  15%-20% of people will not be incapacitated even by a full-face spray.  Take into account the time it will take to go into your purse or if you have it on your wrist, you still need to twist and aim.  He will see your motion and may withhold the spray.
  • Home invasions?  What should I do?  Never open the door unless you can clearly see and know who is on the other side. Often the intruder will dress as an repair man or a police officer.  In the intruder breaks in, go to a room that has a strong door, deadbolt lock, phone (cell preferred) and a fire extinguisher.
  • When the pharmacist, ect., asked to confirm your address, whisper it to them, likewise, checking in to a hotel, if the clerk says your room number at loud, ask to change the room and write it on a piece of paper.

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