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The Glen Ivy Essential Packing Guide


We hear this all too often, “What should we bring for a full day at Glen Ivy?” Whether you want to spend a full day experiencing the Hot Springs, or just have a few hours to indulge, our team of experts has created a checklist of essentials that every Glen Ivy Guest should pack!

  • Printable Guest Map and Guide – We’ve made it easy to plan your day…just go to the Plan Your Day page on our Website, print out our Guest Map and Guide and plan your day around your pre-booked services. Make sure to visit Club Mud first then finish off with the Grotto Body Treatment! We also highly recommend you take advantage of our complimentary daily fitness and wellness classes.  Make the most of your day and plan ahead!
  • Beach bag- This is a must to carry all of your essentials!
  • Dark colored bathing suit- We recommend wearing dark colors if you wish to experience Club Mud. The all natural red clay is a bright rust color that may stain lighter clothing!
  • Sunscreen- If you are planning on relaxing in the lounge pool, which we totally recommend, you definitely want to protect your skin against the Southern California sun!
  • Cover-up- Wear your bathing suit, but also wear a cute cover-up for lunch- you never know who you might meet.
  • Water bottle- We have several spa water stations, but we recommend bringing your own reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day. Staying hydrated is especially important if you’re planning to enjoy spa treatments.
  • Towel- We do have towels for your convenience, but in order to play our part in the California water conservation effort, we are always looking for new ways to save water. We encourage guests to bring their own towels!
  • Book or favorite magazine- Take the whole day off to catch up on your favorite book or celebrity gossip while floating on one of our lounge pool rafts.
  • Lip balm with sunscreen- Lips are often overlooked when it comes to sunscreen, but the truth of the matter is that your lips can get burned, too! Prevent early aging and keep your perfect pout healthy and moisturized with a SPF-infused lip balm.
  • Sunglasses- This is an absolute must! Your eyes are not only the window to the soul, but are easily anyone’s best feature! Protect your vision and help prevent squinting eyes from the sun.
  • Aloe Vera / After Sun Lotion- A day in the sun can be taxing on your skin so be sure to pack a hydrating lotion to keep it pampered and soft.
  • Sandals/flip-flops – Embrace summer and keep things easy with a cute pair of comfortable sandals.
  • Cash or a Credit Card – It’s always best to have a few bucks on hand just in case or place card on file to simplify purchases throughout the day.
  • Camera- A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Be sure to bring a camera to capture those precious Glen Ivy Moments; don’t forget to tag #GlenIvyDays for a chance for your picture to be featured on our Instagram!

Don’t worry if you forget something! You can find most of these items in our Spa Lifestyle Store. Plus, with your favorite products from Kai, Luli Fama, Coola and San Diego Hat Company,  you can’t go wrong!

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