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Celebrate Your Wellness with Global Wellness Day!

Keeping our health and wellness top of mind is a feat nothing short of heroic these days! Managing stressful jobs, busy family lives, and information overload often means that taking care of ourselves plummets to the bottom of our to do list. The end result can leave us wondering, “How do I get my happy back?”

Enter Global Wellness Day 2015!

Saturday, June 13th is on the international calendar as a day to recognize and celebrate the value of living well and engaging in activities that enhance our health and well-being. After all, what could be more important?

That was the question that inspired GWD founder, Belgin Aksoy, to begin this not-for-profit wellness movement three years ago.

“The fundamental purpose of the day is to make us aware of the value of our lives, even if it’s just for one day of the year, to make us stop and think, to get away from the stress of daily living and our bad habits, and thereby find peace with ourselves.”

Aksoy is also passionate about sharing the message that spas are more than places for pampering and weight loss. We are too! Destinations like Glen Ivy provide unique wellness experiences that invite you to step off the fast track long enough to take a few deep consecutive breaths and reconnect with what feeling good feels like.

With that in mind, let’s celebrate GWD together! We’d love to invite you to head to the hot springs on Saturday, June 13th and take advantage of all the wellness we have to offer. (Check out our activities calendar here.)

But even if you can’t join us, it’s still easy to focus on making positive, healthy choices throughout your day. To help you out, the Global Wellness Day group created a 7 Step Manifesto. It offers 7 simple, but impactful wellness actions you can take to make a big difference in your life. Choose one or two actions that resonate with you, or get inspired and create a list of your own like we did:


As you move through your day of wellness, mindfully check in with your experience and connect with what it feels like to take care of yourself. Remind yourself that your wellness is a worthwhile pursuit and that it benefits not just you, but those around you, and the planet as a whole.

Aksoy encourages, “One day can change your whole life.” It may sound like a tall order. But there’s no doubt that any journey worth taking, begins with a single step.

Feel good. Be Well.

Meg Root is Glen Ivy’s resident wellness expert. Her fun and engaging weekly workshops and classes encourage guests to take a positive, feel good approach to their wellness. Find out more about Meg at megroot.com, or follow her on Facebook at Wellness Feels Good!

Glen Ivy GWD Workshops and Classes Saturday, June 13th

 11AM Aqua Fit

12PM Manifesting Wellness in Your Life

1PM Hatha Yoga

2PM Tai Chi

3PM Aqua Fit

4PM Wellness Wheel and Labyrinth Walk with Meg


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