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From Spa Day to Wellness Day: Take Your Glen Ivy Day to a New Level

The decision to head out the door for a Glen Ivy Day often begins with an impulse. I see it all the time as I follow the comments on our Facebook page. It’s fun to watch. We’ll post an inviting picture of the Lounge Pool, or an image of a bright, fresh salad from Café Sole. Last week, pictures of our labyrinth seemed to grab people’s attention. Before long, a flood of excited comments begins to appear, “I need a spa day!” “That looks amazing!” or a tag to a friend, “Let’s do this!”

Even without much planning, you can follow that impulse through the front entrance of the hot springs and know that wellness is in your forecast. There’s plenty of research to support that “taking in the waters,” soaking up healthy amounts of sun, and relaxing with friends in a peaceful outdoor setting all lead to feelings of increased happiness and well-being. Glen Ivy offers all those benefits–without even trying.

While there’s plenty of wellness to be had just by showing up and letting the day unfold, planning ahead can mean that you head home with more than just a healthy glow and a smile on your face.


Our Wheel of Wellness is the perfect tool for creating a life enhancing wellness day for yourself the next time you visit. Each spoke of the wheel represents a facet of your wellness, such as health and fitness, healing treatments and therapies, or increasing your knowledge to learn and grow. It then takes all the classes, activities, and experiences Glen Ivy offers and categorizes them according to their wellness benefits. Looking over the Wheel of Wellness before you arrive allows you to customize your day according your individual needs and wellness goals. If you’re feeling tired, burned out, or just plain exhausted, scheduling a restorative body treatment, walking the labyrinth, or attending a wellness workshop could help restore your body and renew your spirit. If you’re visiting to celebrate a special occasion with your BFFs, floating in the lounge pool, having fun in Club Mud together, and then sharing a yoga class toward the end of the day could be a spring board to supporting each other’s wellness when you head home.

Elevating your spa day to a wellness day is a simple 6-step process:

  • Download our Wheel of Wellness printable when you set the date for your next visit. (Or pick up an original the next time you’re here.)
  • Visit our program calendar to see what special classes and workshops are being offered.
  • Take 5 minutes to sit quietly and check in with your wellness. What’s going on in your life? How are you feeling? What programs, activities, or experiences could help move your life in the direction of wellness?
  • Create a schedule for yourself based on your needs. Consider balancing your choices to allow for a blend of active and restorative activities. Call our Reservations Department and connect with a wellness concierge to help you plan your day or schedule services.
  • Arrive early and enjoy your day at the hot springs. Be open to keeping your schedule flexible. You never know when serendipity may step in and surprise you with something new and different.
  • Reserve 15 minutes at the end of your day to check back in with yourself. How do you feel? Connect with that wellness energy. What can you take away and incorporate into your life when you get back home to stay in your wellness zone?

There’s no doubt a Glen Ivy day will leave you feeling better than when you arrived. It’s been a magical wellness destination for over 150 years. But using our Wheel of Wellness to plan ahead can take your next spa day to a whole new level. And “Elevating Life Experience”—it’s what our Glen Ivy mission is all about.

This article was contributed by Meg Root, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Wellness Coach. To read more about Meg and some of her wellness tips you can visit her website here.

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