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Fitness can be FUN!

Let’s face it, working out is not enjoyable (well for most people), especially when you are planning on enjoying a relaxing day at the spa. You may think it seems strange to take time out of your day of pampering and relaxation to engage yourself into an activity that involves the word “fitness,” but that’s the great part about JoyFitness classes. They are FUN and they don’t seem like fitness at all!

If you haven’t tried the Hoop Fit JoyFitness class yet, then you should make a point to try it now! The Hoop Fit class does not seem like a workout at all because it is so much FUN! You may have forgotten how entertaining and carefree it could be to hula hoop. The benefit now is that you can burn up to 400 calories in 1 hour of hooping and it doesn’t even feel like work!


Blog HoopTo start the class everyone grabs a slightly weighted hoop and the stretching begins. This is essential to any workout, especially if you have been enjoying a relaxing float in the lounge pool beforehand. Who knew you could use your hoop to stretch? The instructor will show you different ways to stretch, like lifting the hoop above your head and leaning it backwards to help to open your heart; you can also use the hoop to help hold your balance while stretching your hamstrings. After the warm up you learn different ways to move the hoop around your body.

First, you’ll start with the basic hula hoop moves. There are 2 different stances that you learn. You’ll spin the hoop in the direction that you feel comfortable as you try to keep it moving. Just when you get the hang of it, you’ll change the direction of the hoop to work out the muscles on the opposite side of your body and you’ll quickly realize that this is actually hard work and it feels awkward! Just keep moving! It takes time to get use to the movement but that’s the fun in it. Just when you think you got it, it changes up on you. When you learn the different stances and get comfortable with that, you’ll learn to walk with the hoop while it moves around your waist and it is pretty tricky.

blog Hoop2

After learning the basics of moving the hoop and walking with the hoop then you’ll start to learn how to do fun tricks like spinning it over your head and bringing it back down to your waist, grabbing the hoop behind you and bringing it up over your head, or spinning the hoop below your waist and trying to keep it there so it doesn’t fall to the floor. You may not be a pro at any of these things, you may not be able to even keep the hoop up in the traditional stance, but that’s the fun in this class, you just keep moving and trying and everyone is there to have fun. At the end of the class you can free style and do whatever you want while moving with music. Enjoy a laugh with your friends, laugh at yourself and just simply have fun while working out without even knowing that you’re burning calories.

Hoops can be purchased at www.hoopnautica.com

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