Brea Location Update

Dear Glen Ivy Guests,

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is transitioning its operations in Brea with the spa continuing operations under new ownership effective Wednesday, October 8, 2014 as The Spa at the Glen. Glen Ivy Hot Springs is working closely with The Spa at the Glen to ensure a smooth transition for employees and guests alike; the current team of caring providers, friendly faces and committed managers will all be employed by the new ownership.

Over the last twelve years, there have been wonderful relationships developed between employees, guests and the communities surrounding Brea. The Spa at the Glen is committed to providing the same quality spa experiences our guests have come to appreciate and is working with the current staff on improvements, upgrades and new offerings to further enhance your day at the Brea spa location.

Glen Ivy Gift Cards may be redeemed at The Spa at the Glen for a limited time and The Spa at the Glen will launch its own robust Gift Card program. Please know that Glen Ivy gift cards never expire and may continue to be enjoyed at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona.

On behalf of everyone at Glen Ivy, we thank you for your continued loyalty and support. We encourage you to welcome Mike and Francine Zorehkey as the new owners of this very special spa.

To make spa treatment reservations for Glen Ivy Brea, please continue to call 888-Glen-Ivy through October 7th. Then as of October 8th you may contact The Spa at the Glen at 714-990-2090 or visit their website set to launch on October 1st.


Jim Root
Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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