Special Events

Glen Ivy Presents a variety of special events and programs to make your visit memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.


September is National Yoga Month

Discover simple ways to incorporate yoga into your daily routine with Glen Ivy’s Everyday Yoga Guide and be sure to join us for daily yoga classes at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.


Wellness Feels Good!
Tuesdays at 1pm in Tiempo Lounge
With Resident Wellness Expert Meg Root

Who has the time or energy anymore to make healthy choices like moving more, eating healthfully and managing the stress of our overstuffed lives? Besides, who wants to spend their life focused on exercise and dieting when all it makes us feel is tired, bored, and deprived?

It’s time to drop the struggle and negativity around our health and well-being and learn that Wellness Feels Good!

Join the positive wellness movement with this fun and interactive workshop lead by Meg Root, our resident wellness coach. It will inspire and empower you to get your wellness back on track in an easy, feel-good way:

Reconnect with what is important to YOU about wellness, and learn how to live and choose from that positive space.

Create a unique and powerful “Wellness Compass” that will steer you in the direction of successful weight loss, improved health, and a happier life.

Learn a no-fail system for making easy, positive, healthy choices 365 days a year!

Guaranteed you’ll leave this session with a wellness smile on your face!

Meg Root

4th Annual Women’s Health Day
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Refresh & Restore with a day just for You!  Glen Ivy Hot Springs  celebrates Women everywhere with a day of special classes, healthy food and healing waters.  Take a day to Refresh and Restore at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. See our Activities Schedule for more details!

Women's Health Day 2014