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Nighttime Access and Starbucks…Coming Soon!

Hot summer nights just got much more fun, enjoy Glen Ivy under the stars! We are excited to announce our new extended hours!  Starting June 2, we will be open from 9AM to 9PM Thursday through Saturday with admission at $35 for access from 4PM to 9PM.  Imagine lounging in the warm waters of Glen […]

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Aqua Aerobics Programs at Glen Ivy

We believe that health, wellness and fitness can bring more joy to your life, especially when you are enjoying a full day in the water at Glen Ivy! With the weather getting warmer, our Aqua Aerobics programs are sure to get your body summer-ready, not to mention the amazing benefits of working out in the […]

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Happy 156th Birthday To Us!

This year, Glen Ivy Hot Springs turns 156 years old! The first commercial use of the mineral springs can be traced back to 1860, and for more than 156 years Glen Ivy Hot Springs has attracted people who seek the benefits of nature, water and exercise, the pleasures of good food and camaraderie with others […]

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New to our Calendar in February

Empowered Wellness: Your Best Life Is Waiting for You! Join us every Wednesday at 1:00 for an Empowered Wellness and goal setting workshop by resident wellness expert, Meg Root. Head over to the Tiempo Lounge and re-connect with your inner intuition. This workshop is designed to empower you and your day to day lifestyle choices. […]

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What are you waiting for? This is YOUR year to be happy, healthy, and well!

Do you feel stuck or unsure about how to move more, weigh less, make healthier eating choices, clear the clutter, or figure out how to get your life back to a happy place? You’re not alone! We’re all juggling crazy, busy, complicated lives and it can feel challenging to turn even your best intentions into […]

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Retreat to Glen Ivy for some Holiday Relaxation

  Take the day off and head to Glen Ivy for some holiday season relaxation for only $125! To ensure the most memorable holiday getaway, Glen Ivy is offering a retreat package with everything you need for the perfect day at the spa!  You can choose from our signature, seasonally inspired $100 50-minute massage, facial, […]

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Just say “No!” to Holiday Stress

Ready or not, here they come . . . the holidays! By the time you’re reading this, you’ll be drinking your favorite caffeinated beverage out of a red Starbucks coffee cup, and feeling the nervous anticipation brought on by the holiday season Who doesn’t start off loving this time of year? Especially a few weeks […]

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Lessons in Wellness from Inspiring Survivors

  What does a 50 something woman recovering from breast cancer treatment look like? I can tell you, because I met her after teaching one of my aqua classes at Glen Ivy. Jill was a woman who approached me with a story she was eager to share. She told me that she had been taking […]

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Estheticians Guide to Glowing Ageless Skin

At Glen Ivy, we firmly believe in the power of glowing skin and our estheticians want to help you reach your full glow-potential. Our skin specialists have created a comprehensive guide for the best Primavera Life products to match every skin type. Step 1: Cleanse & Tone If you have DRY skin, the following Primavera […]

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The Glen Ivy Essential Packing Guide

  We hear this all too often, “What should we bring for a full day at Glen Ivy?” Whether you want to spend a full day experiencing the Hot Springs, or just have a few hours to indulge, our team of experts has created a checklist of essentials that every Glen Ivy Guest should pack! […]

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